Use these 5 Tips and Save on Contact Lenses

Get the best lenses for the least amount of money

Looking for ways to save on contact lenses? Here are 5 tips to help you make sure you are getting the best buy and the best quality.

Tip #1 — Buy online

Buying your contact lenses at your optometrist’s office or locally can be much more expensive than buying them online. Convenience is the only reason for the discrepancy. If you order your lenses online, you do have to wait until they ship them to you. But by planning ahead and ordering your lenses online before you run out, you’ll have them when you need them for a much cheaper price.

Tip #2 — Compare prices

Before you have your contact lens prescription filled at your optometrist’s office, shop around. Check your local discount stores and be sure and check online. The prices vary widely and you never know who has the best deal until you compare prices.

Tip #3 — Compare shipping costs

When buying your contacts online, many times people compare prices and order the least expensive pair. What they forget is checking the shipping and handling costs too. Sometimes companies are less than honest by luring you with low prices only to charge you a ridiculous shipping cost. Watch out for this!

Tip #4 — Buy in bulk

Buying contacts in bulk is not something you think of like office supplies, but if you do, you get the same savings. Instead of buying your lenses one to three months at a time, consider buying a year’s worth. You not only save money but also save time because you always have your contacts on hand.

Tip #5 — Research quality

You may have found a great price on your contacts, but before you buy, check around for reviews on the quality of the contacts. Saving money is swell, but not at the expense of your healthy eyes! Read consumer reviews about different brands of contacts to be sure you are getting good quality.

By comparing prices, comparing shipping and handling charges, buying online and buying in bulk, you are getting the best price and the best available lenses. Use these tips today to help you save on contact lenses.