Used Mattresses: Buyer Beware!

Don’t make the costly mistake of buying unclean and unsafe mattresses

Shopping for new mattresses and trying to save a few bucks? There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. However, if shopping a furniture outlet or discount furniture store, there are a few things to know.

Following the rules

One of the best ways to save money when it comes to buying mattresses is to buy used. In most states, this is legal providing the store or reseller follows a few rules. First, all mattresses must have a tag. You know, the tag that says, ‘Do not remove this tag.’ Those tags serve a purpose. They tell you that your mattress is new and not previously used by anyone else.

But what about used mattresses? Used mattresses must have tags too. If the mattress is used, it needs a yellow tag stating “refurbished” and guarantees a cleaned and sanitized mattress. All used mattresses require proper cleaning and sanitizing or don’t buy them.

Breaking the rules

What happens if the mattress you desire doesn’t have a tag? Chances are the mattress isn’t cleaned or sanitized. At one time, this didn’t raise too many eyebrows. After all, if it doesn’t bother you to sleep in someone else’s bed, that’s your business.

Today, many more issues exist. The United States battles bed bugs. If you buy an un-cleaned and un-sanitized mattress, chances are you could be bringing a colony of bed bugs into your home. Not only are you exposing your family to bugs, but also the mattress you saved money on now becomes expensive. Ridding your home of a bed bug infestation can run into hundreds of dollars.

You must be careful when buying a used mattress. Some dishonest business people try to pass off used mattresses as new and others tell you they only sell sanitized mattresses when they don’t. Don’t buy a mattress, used or new without a tag.

Avoid this problem

To make sure you save money and buy a clean mattress, buy only from reputable stores and ensure your mattress contains either a white or a yellow tag. Don’t take chances buying a used mattress, ask the storeowner if they sell used mattresses.

Check the tag on your mattress before you leave the store and be sure the tags are on when they deliver your mattress. As a safeguard, have the store write ‘new’ on your receipt to protect yourself in case you find out they sent you a used mattress.

It’s still possible to save money and get a good deal on mattresses by buying used. Just make sure you follow these tips and that your ‘new’ mattresses contains the proper tags.