Want to Pamper Your Pet Without Spending a Fortune?

Five tips for saving money on pets

As much as you love your pet, there are times when you need to save money. There are many ways to save and still give your pet the love and attention they need and deserve. Follow these 5 tips and save money.

Tip #1 — Adopt

When getting a new pet, everyone likes to start out with the cute little puppy or baby bird. The problem here is that many times they are expensive. One way to cut costs is to adopt.

There are always many kittens and puppies in local animal shelters in bad need of homes. These animals may not be registered or have ‘papers’ but they make good family pets.

Also, check the classified ads in your city. Sometimes, for various reasons, owners must give up their pets. They may be relocating or the pet became too much of a responsibility. Whatever the reason, they need to find a good home for their pet. Yours may be just right.

Tip #2 — Buy Used Pet Supplies

When it comes to buying things like pet toys, it’s usually no problem. The expense comes into play when you need to buy the large items like doghouses, birdcages, aquariums. These are big-ticket items that cost a lot of money.

Check your local classifieds and online sites like Craig’s List for used items. Don’t forget to check the pet stores in your area. Sometimes pet stores will have bulletin boards where they allow customers to post ads. You can find great deals there.

Tip #3 — Save with Coupons

Before you buy any pet supplies, look for coupons. Check out sites like CoolSavings.com or CouponSherpa.com for printable coupons. You can also find coupons for your pet’s favorite food and medications by visiting the manufacturer’s site.

Tip #4 — Save on Grooming

The way to cut costs on grooming is to do it yourself. If you have a small dog, you can bathe him in the sink or bathtub if you clean it out well afterwards. For larger dogs, a hose and a kiddy pool work well.

You can save on shampoos and grooming tools by using coupons and stocking up during sales. Remember, your pet doesn’t have to be bathed with the most expensive shampoos. Try inexpensive brands and save.

Learning to groom your pet yourself saves money. But, if you have a pet that is difficult to groom, make it easy on yourself and take him to a professional groomer. Before you go, look for coupons for different groomers in your area.

Tip #5 — Save on Vet Bills

Smaller veterinarian practices are usually less expensive than large practices. While you want your pet to receive the best medical attention possible, your pet can receive treatment at a smaller vet office than at larger ones. The office may not be as fancy, but the care is just as good.

Pets are a wonderful to have, add joy and love to your life. Give your pet what he needs, but be sensible. Follow these tips to save money while still giving your pet the very best.