Want to Save on Prescriptions? Here’s How

If your cost of prescriptions has gotten out of control, here are some tips to save you money.

If you want to save on prescriptions, here are some helpful ways for you to cut your medication costs. Start using these tips today and start saving.

Save on prescriptions with these helpful tips

Expensive medication is a double whammy. Sick and feeling rotten? You’ve just had to pay a big doctor bill, lab costs, hospital costs, and fees for tests. On top of all of that, now you’re hit with a big bill for the medication that you hope gets you well.

Before you get too discouraged, here are some tips to help you save on prescriptions.

Tip #1 — Ask for generic

When you doctor prescribes medication for you, be honest. Tell your doctor upfront if you no longer have insurance, or you just can’t afford the expensive name brand medication.

Needing to use a generic medication is nothing to be embarrassed about. This is something doctors are accustomed to and face every day. Your doctor knows you need the medicine. He would rather you take a generic form of the prescription than take nothing at all because you can’t afford it.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the name brand prescriptions are better than generic. This just isn’t so. When pharmaceutical companies develop a new medication, they charge top dollar for it. In a year or two, when they have another “great” medication, it will be top dollar and the first one will become generic that you can get for a few dollars. Today’s generics are yesterday’s super star medications.

Always ask for generic prescriptions.

Tip #2 — Shop around

Don’t assume the price of a prescription will be the same price at all pharmacies. This just isn’t so. Pharmacies will try to stay in the same general price range, but every few dollars you can save is a few extra in your pocket.

Tip #3 — Buy online

There are now some very reputable online pharmacies that you purchase from and save a bundle of money. As always, be careful. Never buy from an online pharmacy that doesn’t require a prescription. These are the illegal pharmacies and not only will you not get quality medications, they could steal your personal identity.

Tip #4 — Shop discount pharmacies

The major discount pharmacies now offer $4.00 generics. Before you go to your local pharmacy, check with Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and Target. These companies are offering many generics for just $4.00 per prescription. Before you go, call and ask if they have your medication for $4.00. Sometimes they won’t and hope that you will buy the more expensive medication instead. It always pays to shop around.

The next time you need medication, use these 4 tips. By talking to your doctor, being willing to take generics, and shop around online and offline. You can save on prescriptions.