Weeding Through Work At Home Opportunities: Avoid The Scams!

Not All Work at Home Opportunities Are Created Equal

Scammers will promise just about anything to cheat you out of your money, and many work-at-home opportunities are prime examples of con artists preying on your desire for more family time and more money earned. The old adage is usually accurate, though — if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Don’t Throw Your Money Away

A scammer’s main purpose is to cheat you out of your money one way or another. When work-at-home opportunities require you to purchase supplies before you can get any additional information, then it is likely a scam. You might get the supplies, but then find that they are useless, or that the promises are too lofty to be fulfilled.

If they offer you an advance on your first paycheck – usually by depositing it directly into your bank account – it is likely a ploy to both earn your trust and gain access to your checking account information.

If they tell you that you need to pay an initial fee to learn what their business is about (even if they say it is refundable, should you decide to opt out later), it is probably suspicious.

In general, any business that will not tell you up front who their customers are and what products they provide is probably hiding something, and most legitimate businesses will not make you pay anything up front.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Finally, though they seem to offer more professional perks, beware of businesses offering work-at-home positions doing work that is often regulated by licensing (such as medical billing or paralegal transcription).

Consider whether any education or training is required and what that will cost. Some companies that offer all-in-one packages (we will train you and then place you with suitable employment) are potentially drawing you in to a scam that will cost you more time and money than most.

They Are Out There

Not all is lost, if you want a legitimate opportunity to work from home. Do your research, check with local libraries or simply ask around for ideas on actual businesses that employ people from their homes. The legitimate work-at-home opportunities are out there, it is just a matter of avoiding the scams during your search!