What You And Your Family Need to Know About Spider Bites

A Calm and Common-Sense Approach to Spider Bites

Spider bites can indeed be a scary thing. The problem is, they’re quite misunderstood and oftentimes the fear they invoke is the worst of the damage they do. A recent spider bite (endured by my wife) put half our household in a panic. I’ll tell you what I told her — spider bites are not as bad as they’re made out to be.

Two Telltale Dots

My wife started feeling some pain in her hand and there they were – the two telltale “fang” marks associated with most spider bites. The area was swollen and a bit itchy and even though my wife only felt slight discomfort before seeing the bite, she was quite sure she’d be going into cardiac arrest any minute after it had been discovered.

After about fifteen minutes of giving her some straight facts, I was able to calm her down. If you see a spider or get a spider bite, these are the things you need to remember.

Cold Hard Facts

There are thousands of different types of spiders in the United States. A small handful of those spiders can actually bite you. Most spiders don’t have strong enough fangs or enough strength to actually puncture your skin.

Of the few bites that do manage to happen, the majority of them are harmless. In fact, it’s estimated that less than 4 deaths per year occur due to spider bites. Your chances of being killed by a lightning strike are about ten times greater than your chances of being killed by a spider bite.

The Two To Worry About

There are two types of spider bites you need to worry about – the black widow and the brown recluse bites. However, if given proper medical attention your chances of those bites becoming fatal are slim to none.

The Bottom Line

Unless you’re bitten by a brown recluse or a black widow (and that’s not likely to happen unless you live in an area where those types of spiders are common) you aren’t likely to suffer any real damage from a spider bite. If, however, you do get bit and begin experiencing odd symptoms, go to the doctor. Just remember, spider bites are harmless 99 percent of the time and anxiety can be more dangerous than the bite of a spider.