What You Need to Know About Internet Security Software

Is Internet Security Software More Headache Than It’s Worth?

The other day I thought I’d do the smart thing and upgrade from your typical anti-spyware and anti-virus applications to a full-blown Internet security software suite. Little did I know, that decision was going to result in me growing another head, horns and fangs. I went from a happy, easy-going guy to a raving lunatic who had to be stopped from throwing a laptop through a sliding-glass door. What is it about Internet security software that can make the most sane person not so sane? Before you install any Internet security suite on your PC (Macs just don’t have this problem), here are some things you need to know.

Firewalls Aren’t Always Your Friend

If you use applications that need to send and receive information via the Web, chances are your firewall is going to cause some problems unless it’s easy to configure. That being said, do not buy an Internet security suite without reading some reviews about it. An Internet security program that doesn’t allow you to easily configure the settings is a headache waiting to happen.

Like Roaches

If there’s one thing that’s harder to get rid of than roaches, it’s Internet security products that don’t offer an uninstall option. I personally made the mistake of installing an Internet security product that didn’t offer an uninstall feature. This, my friends, resulted in me spending about 4 hours on the Internet and the phone trying to get rid of the darn thing. Don’t make the mistake I made. Make sure there’s an uninstall feature before installing any software on your computer.

Forget Free

One more word to the wise about Internet security software. Forget anything that’s free. You get what you pay for. It’s not a pleasant fact, but it’s the truth. Do not install a free Internet security product on your PC. It’s an Internet security nightmare waiting to happen.