What’s The Deal With Discount Real Estate Brokers?

The Real Story On Discount Real Estate Brokers

Discount real estate brokers — over the past few years, they have been popping up all over the place. The concept behind discount real estate brokers is to save home sellers thousands of dollars when selling their homes. Sounds good, right? So why is there so much controversy surrounding this new real estate business model?

Is It Greed Or Is It Principle?

It’s no secret that full-price, full-service real estate brokers look upon discount real estate brokers with disdain. In fact, the National Association of Realtors is determined to put a stop to this type of real estate business.

Full-service real estate brokers say it’s because discount real estate brokers don’t do their jobs properly and they give the real estate industry a bad name. Discount real estate brokers insist that the only reason full-service brokerages are so adverse to their business model is because they fear the competition. So who’s lying?

The Fact Of The Matter

In all honesty, both parties to this argument may be right. There are indeed some discount real estate brokers who are a bit shady and who don’t advertise their services accurately. However, there are also discount real estate brokers who are very up front about their services and what they involve and these agencies really do have the consumer’s best interests in mind.

Some of the full-service real estate agents who are against discount real estate brokers feel that these brokers aren’t serving the consumer’s best interests. On the other hand, there are the brokers who don’t like them due to the fact they don’t like the idea of competition and they really don’t like the idea of change in the real estate industry.

Which Should You Choose?

So who should you side with and who should you hire for your real estate needs? Well, the answer to that question really does depend on your specific needs.

If you have the time to show your home over and over again and often at a moments notice, if you don’t mind dealing with all types of people — including the weird ones, and you feel like you can close a sale and handle all of the necessary paperwork and legalities, then by all means hire a discount real estate broker. You can indeed save thousands of dollars.

However, if you have any doubt whatsoever that you can manage the entire process on your own, you should probably stay with the traditional full-service real estate model.