What’s the Deal with Do-It-Yourself LASIK Surgery?

Can You Really Save Thousands By Doing LASIK Surgery Yourself?

I’ve worn glasses and contacts since my childhood and I’ve seriously considered LASIK surgery. The only thing keeping me from opting for the surgery so far has been the cost and the fact that it’s not covered by insurance. Naturally, when I heard that there was a website selling do-it-yourself LASIK surgery kits for less than $100 I was intrigued. Could something as serious as LASIK surgery really be done by the masses from the comfort of home?

Skeptical Doesn’t Begin to Describe It

The thought of having LASIK surgery done by a professional makes me a little uneasy, so when I heard that there was a website that advertised do-it-yourself LASIK surgery kits I was more than skeptical — I was downright suspicious. After all, I’ve heard of professionals who perform LASIK surgery messing up the procedure. How could a layman do it?

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I took a moment to visit the LASIK at home website. It was quite impressive and looked professional, complete with customer testimonials. However, after further investigation it turns out that the website is a complete hoax. There is no do-it-yourself LASIK surgery kit (although you can actually buy promotional merchandise that promotes the hoax right from the website).

The bottom line? By now, you should know that you have to take everything that’s advertised on the web with a grain of salt. If you hadn’t yet learned that lesson, the do-it-yourself LASIK surgery kit should be all the proof you need.