When’s The Last Time You Requested An Insurance Quote?

Learn the Benefits of Requesting an Annual Insurance Quote

If you are skeptical that you’re getting the best rates on all of your insurance needs, whether it is life insurance, car insurance, or renter’s insurance, you probably would benefit from requesting an annual insurance quote. Most companies will offer a free insurance quote to inquiring customers, so take advantage of this offer in order to determine if your current rates are reasonable or if you’re paying way too much.

Use an Annual Insurance Quote as a Bargaining Tool

You might potentially be able to utilize a better insurance quote from one of your insurance company’s competitors as a bargaining tool for lowering your current premiums or deductibles. Circumstances change from year to year, and it is possible that you will automatically continue paying your current premiums with your insurance provider if you don’t request a re-evaluation on a yearly basis.

If you find a drastic discrepancy in the amount of coverage offered at your current premium with your current company versus a competitor, you can possibly lower your premiums with your current provider or switch providers based on this new knowledge. Either way, you won’t be updated on your currently-available options unless you request an annual insurance quote.

Apples to Apples or Oranges to Apples?

Pay attention to the details of the insurance quotes you receive. If you receive three insurance quotes for car insurance from three different companies, making a direct comparison between each insurance quote may be difficult. It is likely that the fine print will vary by company, and each company might have a different claim deductible. With careful review, you will be able to see how your current coverage compares to the available choices offered by different insurance providers.

If you are unsure how the insurance premiums you pay with your current provider for life insurance, car insurance, or homeowner’s insurance compare with other providers’ rates, request annual insurance quotes. If you request an insurance quote, you might be surprised to find that your current level of coverage is offered at a competitive rate, but you also might find that you could potentially improve your current level of coverage and save some money in the process.