Which eBook Reader is the Best?

Help for deciding between the top eBook readers

So, you think eBook readers are cool and you want one. You’re not alone. EBook readers are hot sellers and at the top of the wish list for many people. Convenience and never being without a book to read are two of the top reasons why everyone is falling in love with eBook readers. The question is, with so many readers on the market, how do you choose? What should you look for and which are the top rated eBook readers?

Choosing an eBook Reader

One of the first things you should think about before you buy a reader is what sort of material you like to read. Are you happy with just books or do you also want to download newspapers, magazines, and RSS feeds? Would you rather have a small screen for portability, or do you have trouble reading smaller print? Before making your choice you need to consider these questions as well as a few more.

-Reading Selection – If you choose an Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook, you’ll have a wide selection of books to choose from. Amazon.com has 725,000 books you can either buy or read for free while Barnes & Noble has 2 million. With either of these eBook readers, you have a large selection of books to choose from.

If you don’t want to limit your reading to books but also want to read magazines, you’ll need to go with Barnes & Noble Nook. Amazon doesn’t have the capability to download magazines or newspapers.

-Display – E Ink Corporation makes most of the displays for eBook readers. They make the display look like you’re reading from a real book. The only drawback is that the screen isn’t backlit like a computer. To read these readers at night, you’ll need a book light just like with a real book. Nook Color and Apple iPad are backlit so you won’t have this problem.

-Navigation – Are buttons okay or do you prefer a touch screen? Lefties may find the navigation buttons awkward on the Kindle when used in landscape position.

-Connectivity – The most convenient readers are those that offer wireless connectivity. If your reader is wireless, you can download reading material anywhere. Be aware that some readers aren’t wireless and must connect to a computer with a USB cable.

-Memory – You can download up to 1,000 eBooks with most readers. Some readers have slots that allow you to save books to a memory card.

-Battery – Battery life is important when it comes to eBook readers. If you have a model that is backlit with a touch screen, you might have to charge your reader as often as every day. Most readers last for two to four weeks in between charges as long as wireless is turned off.

Pros and Cons of Top Rated eBook Readers

Amazon Kindle:
-Most preferred by both experts and consumers
-Access to Amazon books
-Easiest to read
-Longest lasting battery
-Least expensive
-3G connectivity available
-Stores 3,500 eBooks
-Can’t download public library eBooks
-Can’t download magazines
-Can’t download newspapers
-Limited to Amazon to purchase books
-No backlighting

Barnes & Noble Nook Color:
-Color display
-Access to Barnes & Noble books
-Download magazines, newspapers, and RSS feeds
-Second least expensive
-Download eBooks from public libraries
-Backlit screen
-Basic web browser
-Plays movies and games
-WiFi connectivity only – must be near a WiFi hot spot
-Type not as readable as the Kindle

Apple iPad:
-Best overall versatility – web browser, apps, movies, games, full-features reader
-Beautiful display
-Backlit screen
-Touch screen
-Download books from a wide range of sources
-High cost
-Difficult to read in sunlight
-Short battery life
-Heavier than other eBook readers

Which eBook reader is the best is up to you. Decide on which features are important to you and how you intend to use your reader. Weigh the pros and cons of these top rated eBook readers and decide which is best for you.