Handy Household Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

You’ve probably used hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant for cuts, but how about as a tooth whitener?

For the savvy consumer, hydrogen peroxide (that close relative to water that most of us just call “peroxide”), is a money-saving miracle. You can use it for everything from brushing your teeth to disinfecting household surfaces.

But you have to be able to separate the fact from the fiction where peroxide’s concerned, and you need to know how to treat it. In this article, we’ll provide some pointers.

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Used Mattresses: Buyer Beware!

Don’t make the costly mistake of buying unclean and unsafe mattresses

Shopping for new mattresses and trying to save a few bucks? There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. However, if shopping a furniture outlet or discount furniture store, there are a few things to know.

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Electrical Home Repairs — Hiring the Right Contractor

Tips on hiring a reliable contractor for electrical repairs.

Somehow, you always feel like you’re getting ripped off when it comes to electrical home repairs. Why is that? Maybe it’s because you’re dealing in an area you don’t feel especially knowledgeable about, so you don’t completely trust the estimate you get.

If you would like to make sure you’re getting the best deal and saving money, here are some tips for you to follow.

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Play it Safe with Glass Table Tops

Know the dangers of glass table tops.

You love glass table tops. Whether it’s your dining room table, end tables, or coffee table, something about the glass just makes them look better. But while they make your home look more stylish, did you know they also make your home more dangerous?

Here’s why.

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Tips for Avoiding ATM Fees

ATM Fees Can Put a Dent in Your Bank Account

ATM fees can add up quickly. Many consumers don’t bother to take a look at how much money they are losing to ATM fees. If you have an ATM card and use it often, you might be surprised to learn just how much money you are losing to ATM fees. Below you’ll find some helpful suggestions for avoiding or at least reducing the number of ATM fees you pay.

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Tips for Maintaining Your Monthly Budget

Your Monthly Budget Can Improve If You Buy Store Brand Products

One way to trim money from your monthly budget is to take a look to see what expenses you can eliminate. One easy way to trim your expenses and not exceed your monthly budget is to purchase store brand names of popular products. It’s great if you can purchase a brand name product with a coupon, but when there aren’t any coupons available, buying store brand products can allow you to enjoy extra savings. By purchasing store brand products, you’ll definitely find that you can stretch your monthly budget further.

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How to Avoid Vending Machines

Vending Machines Offer Convenience but at a High Price

If you want to be more like the savvy consumers you know, you should try your best to avoid vending machines. Certainly, vending machines are a godsend on some occasions. If you have a cranky toddler and he can be calmed down by cheese crackers shaped like goldfish, vending machines can begin to feel like your best friend. However, vending machines charge a high price for their convenience. Savvy consumers rarely use vending machines due to the high cost of the items they contain.

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The Truth behind Carpet Cleaning Offers

Think Twice Before Calling for Carpet Cleaning

I cannot tell you how many times I receive coupons in the mail for great deals on carpet cleaning. I have four cats, a German shepherd, a border collie and a few kids. I can’t even tell you how much havoc they wreck on my carpet. The border collie is great. She knows to stay on the mat until I am able to dry her paws when it’s rainy and muddy out. The shepherd, on the other hand, makes a game of running in from the mud onto my beige carpeting before I can catch her with a towel. My kids also test the limits of our carpet by forgetting to take their shoes off when they come in the door. Needless to say, those carpet cleaning deals look pretty good by the end of the year.

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Make Swimming Pool Safety a Priority

It’s Time to Discuss Swimming Pool Safety

It’s the time of year when the temperature begins to rise and when that happens, families everywhere look for ways to beat the heat. Sprinklers, inflatable backyard waterslides, and slip-n-slides are all popular choices but perhaps nothing is as popular as the backyard swimming pool. Because many families with backyard swimming pools have young children, swimming pool safety needs to be priority number one.

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Finding the Right Mechanic

How to Find the Right Mechanic

If you don’t have a regular mechanic who you can trust, it can be a major headache when your car breaks down. Finding a reputable mechanic has never been easy, but in today’s day and age when you just never know who’s trying to take you for a ride, how do you keep from being taken?

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