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Save Money on Pet Medications

Don’t Spend an Arm and Leg on Pet Medications

If you have a pet, chances are at some point in the lifetime of that pet you’re going to find yourself in need of pet medications. Whether it be flea prevention, heartworm prevention or pet medications like antibiotics, when the time comes, you might be surprised at just how much those pet medications can add up to. The question is, what can you do to defray the costs of pet medications? We’ve got the answers.

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Why You Should Buy a Tankless Hot Water System

If you’re sick of running out of hot water in the middle of your shower, it’s time you installed a tankless hot water system?

If you’ve got a big family, a tankless hot water system might just seem like a godsend to you. Let’s look beyond the issue of saving money, which they do, and being trim and compact, which they are. The best thing about tankless heaters is that they heat water right on the spot, just when you need it.

Let’s take a closer look at why this matters.

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Simple, Non-Obvious Ways to Conserve Energy

If your household energy bill is out of hand, put these tips in action to conserve energy — and therefore, money.

To conserve energy is to conserve money, and most savvy consumers are already aware of the conventional ways to do that. But some savings aren’t as obvious as turning the thermostat up in the winter or down in the summer, or tightening up your weather-stripping.

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Tooth Whitening: Is It Worth the Cost?

Are you considering a tooth whitening procedure? Before spending the money, do your homework.

In recent years, your dentist may have started pitching tooth whitening procedures (often using a nifty laser device) as a means of brightening your smile. And of course, there are all those handy over-the-counter “brightening strips” and systems you can buy at the corner drugstore.

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How to Avoid Telemarketing Scams

Telemarketing scams are a constant in the consumer marketplace these days, so you should know how to recognize the signs.

Telemarketing scams represent an interesting species of fraud. The technology isn’t exactly new (telephony’s been in wide use for a century now), and yet people keep falling for these schemes. Why?

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Is Satellite Internet a Good Deal for You?

You may have heard that satellite Internet is reliable and can reach just about anywhere… but is it really for you?

Satellite Internet service is one of those technologies that was little more than a gleam in some engineer’s eye 15 years ago. We’ve had satellite TV for a while now; you just point a parabolic receiver at the right Earth-orbiting satellite and you can pull in a signal. Easy-peasy.

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Good Reasons to Buy Things With a Credit Card

There are some situations when it’s advisable to pay for something with a credit card, rather than cash, check, or debit.

Nowadays, it’s often easier to pay for a purchase with a debit or credit card than with cash. In fact, some of us rarely even keep cash on hand, because there are very few cases when it’s absolutely necessary.

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Printable Grocery Coupons: Worth the Effort?

Printable grocery coupons seem like a good idea, but some stores just won’t take them.

Printable grocery coupons have been offered on the Internet for almost two decades now — basically for as long as the ‘Net’s been a widespread and popular phenomenon. Unfortunately, they’ve always been an iffy proposition for consumers, because many retailers won’t take them.

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Plastic Canvas: A Creative But Inexpensive Hobby

While you shouldn’t expect to see plastic canvas pieces on the walls of the Louvre anytime soon, it makes a great, creative pastime.

With the costs of hobbies like movie-going, gourmet cooking, and tinkering with your car spiraling out of control, something as simple as plastic canvas artwork can start looking very attractive to the savvy consumer. It’s a creative way to keep your hands busy, and doesn’t cost a bundle.

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How to Make a Perfectly Adequate Pet Bed

Instead of paying $50-100 for a new pet bed, why not just make one yourself?

If you’ve priced a pet bed lately, then you’ve probably gone away with sticker shock. We all love our fur-kids, but the pet stores seem to think we’ll pay just about any price for the cachet of a well-known brand name on Fluffy’s pillow.

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