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Finding the Right Mechanic

How to Find the Right Mechanic

If you don’t have a regular mechanic who you can trust, it can be a major headache when your car breaks down. Finding a reputable mechanic has never been easy, but in today’s day and age when you just never know who’s trying to take you for a ride, how do you keep from being taken?

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Before You Buy a Used Car, Check for Odometer Fraud

Odometer fraud, i.e. rolling a used car’s odometer back to make it appear less used, is sadly common. Here’s how to avoid it.

Any car, even a used one, is a huge investment — so you definitely don’t want to fall for something as avoidable as odometer fraud. While most cars made in the last few years use electronic odometers that are harder to jigger, fraud is still an issue for cars with mechanical odometers.

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What You Should Know About Car Theft

Car theft is one of the costliest common major crimes in America. In the spirit of forewarned is forearmed, let’s take a look at the trends and stats.

You may think Grand Theft Auto is a cool video game, but it’s no fun at all when car theft happens to you in real life. And anyway, what can you really learn from a game that teaches that the best way to get across town is to hit a little old lady, and then steal a police car when the cops come to investigate?

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Car Donation: Why You Should Consider It

You may not be able to get as nice a tax deduction from it as you once could, but car donation is still a good idea

Car donation is quite popular in the non-profit charity world. But is it really worth it to donate your car, even to the best of charities?

That’s a good question — exactly what I’d expect of a savvy consumer. It’s always wise to be cautious, even with charities. So let’s take a closer look at the auto donation issue.

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Want to Save on Gas Money? Buy a Scooter!

Not only will you save on gas when you buy a scooter, you’ll save on insurance and maintenance, too

Here’s an easy way to save money: buy a scooter and use it instead of your car for simple commutes. Now, I’m not talking about one of those Razor thingies that all the kids were wild about a few years back. Those are cost-efficient, sure, but hardly worth the effort. Might as well ride a bike.

I’m talking a motor scooter here: basically, a low-powered motorcycle. When the weather’s good and you need to get somewhere in a hurry, a motorized scooter can be very helpful.

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How To Save Money on Car Air Conditioning

Nothing guzzles fuel like car air conditioning. Here are a few tips on how to save some bucks on that.

I’ll be the first to admit that I wouldn’t want to live without my car air conditioning, especially in the summer — and where I live, that’s basically March to October. But as nifty and necessary as it is, any auto A/C costs the Earth to run… literally, in one sense.

You see, it’s more than just the cost of fuel that matters here, though that’s nothing to sneeze at. Not only does auto air conditioning use up prodigious amounts of fuel, it dumps greenhouse gasses and pollutants into the atmosphere more rapidly than necessary.

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How to Save Money on Gasoline

Energy costs can really eat into your daily expenses, so here are a couple of tips on how to save money on gasoline

Now that gas prices are back around the $3.00 level, you’re probably keen to learn about new ways that you can save money on gasoline. It’s not like you can do without gas, unless you work at home and never go anywhere; and even then, you’re likely to need a gallon here or there to mow the lawn.

Too bad the more eco-friendly alternatives, particularly diesel and biodiesel, have practically priced themselves out of the market.

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A Few Automotive Tune-Up Tips

Take a look at these tune-up tips before getting your car serviced

This article on tune-up tips was triggered by my recent realization that a simple $20 oil change at the local quickie lube had ballooned to almost $100 because of all those extra services the technicians are so good at finding.

When I looked back on previous visits, I realized that this always seemed to happen. No matter how recently I’d had the car in the shop, no matter how recently I’d changed the fuel or air filter or had a major repair done, it always seemed that something more had to be done. Why?

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How to Choose a GPS System

Avoid making mistakes when buying a GPS by following this advice

Do you really need a GPS? Do they really work? How? Are they worth the money? If you’re considering buying one of the many GPS systems on the market, you probably have many of these questions racing through your mind. After all, you don’t want to waste money on yet another fancy electronic gadget that isn’t really up to snuff. Read this crucial information before making any decisions.

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How to Save Money on Car Payments

Use these tips to learn how to save money on car payments

If you’re in the market for a new car, one of the big questions on your mind is how to save money on car payments. Nothing takes the thrill out of a new car like a huge monthly bill. If you want a new car with the lowest possible payments, follow these tips.

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