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Electric Cars: Should You Take the Risk?

Electric cars sound like a good idea, but are they?

We’ve been hearing about electric cars for years. Guess what? They’re finally here! Nissan releases the Leaf, their version of the electric car in 2011. The question now is, “Are electric cars the answer to our fuel problems? Is the electric car better for the environment? And can electric vehicles cut your expense at the gas pump?”

Good questions. Let’s see if we can find some answers.

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5 Money Saving Tips for Rental Cars

Follow these tips to save money on your next rental car

Whether you use rental cars frequently for business or only once a year for vacation, it never hurts to know a few tricks to protect yourself and to get the best deal. Here are three tips that can help you do just that.

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Save Money with Recycled Motor Oil

Do you really have to buy virgin oil for your car’s engine? No, you do not. Recycled motor oil costs the same and is better for the environment

Recycled motor oil has kind of a bad rap, mostly just because it’s recycled rather than new. But here’s the deal: while virgin oil is great and all, it’s not really any better than the recycled stuff. It just has better PR.

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Shopping for a New Car? Don’t Miss These Valuable Resources

Use these resources to get the best new car for the best price

When it’s time to buy a new car, the worst mistake you can make is to go car shopping without first preparing. Sure, you probably know what type of car you’re interested in, but how do you know when you’re getting the best deal? How do you know you’re not paying too much? Here are some valuable resources you can’t afford to do without.

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How to Save Money When Buying a Car, Part II

Buying a car may be expensive, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are a few more common sense ways to save.

Buying a car doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Now, there’s no doubt that it’s going to cost an arm at least, no matter what you do; that’s just the nature of any huge purchase. But the other metaphorical extremity is optional.

In Part I of this article, we looked over a few ways to limit the outlay for a new car. In this exciting episode, we’ll look at other ways to save, both in the short- and long-term.

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How to Save Money When Buying a Car, Part I

Are you looking for some simple ways to save when buying a car? Check out this article right here.

Unless you’re committed to using public transportation (which is not without its own challenges), at some point you’re going to end up buying a car…and it’s probably going to hurt. While it’s a somewhat exciting process, it’s also tedious, so there’s no harm in streamlining the process and saving some green.

In this two-part article, I’ll discuss a few ways to save money on your car purchase. It all comes down to deciding what you can live with, and then sticking to your guns.

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Is Biodiesel All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Biodiesel is an excellent alternative fuel…but you shouldn’t blind yourself to its drawbacks.

There’s little doubt that biodiesel in general is a good idea, since at some point, fossil fuels are going to be in desperately short supply. And with the breached Deepwater Horizon well still belching thousands of barrels of crude into the Gulf of Mexico daily as of this writing, petroleum is in bad odor at the moment.

Biodiesel is marketed as being the ideal eco-friendly option for any diesel-fueled automobile, since it’s made from processed vegetable oil and forms little more than water vapor and carbon dioxide when it’s burned. Not so bad, right? Well…

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Is Your Car Costing You too Much Money?

Follow these tips and save money when you drive

Car expenses are a fact of life. The costs associated with driving your car are facts too. The cost for driving the average car is $8,121 per year and $10,488 per year for SUVs. While you can’t get rid of all the expense, you can greatly reduce your costs by following these tips in the three areas that cost you the most.

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All the Details on Buying Your New GPS

How to get the most bang for your buck when buying a GPS navigator

I’ll never forget the day I finally decided to get a car GPS. I figured it would be an easy purchase: take a quick look at the ones on display and snatch up my favorite color. Boy, was I mistaken. It turns out that GPS systems range from $100 to over $2,000, and they all have their own selling points. That begs the question: which system is best for you? What do you really need?

If you’re considering a GPS navigation system for your car, here’s what you need to keep in mind while you’re shopping — and even before!

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Are the New Gas-Saving Tires Worth the Cost?

Discover the truth about the new gas-saving tires

Have you noticed all the TV commercials promoting gas-saving tires? With increased pressure on car manufacturers to produce more fuel efficient cars and unstable gas prices, tire manufacturers are promising increased gas mileage with the purchase of their tires.

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