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If You’re Not Using Public Transportation, You Should Be

Why Don’t You Use Public Transportation?

The face of public transportation has definitely changed over the years. Who would have thought commercials for the bus would be so popular? Wondering what the hype is about? If you’re not using public transportation, you may not know what you’re missing.

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Savvy Consumers and Oil Changes

Do Savvy Consumers Change Their Own Oil?

Being a savvy consumer means being attentive to those little details that many consumers often overlook. I’ve talked to you before about the importance of car maintenance and those ever-important routine oil changes. Today, I’m going to explain a lot more about oil changes and provide you with some tips to continue to be that savvy consumer that has become such a big part of your personality.

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The Importance of Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Investment

Many people consider car maintenance to be a necessary evil. Fortunately, there are several things you could do to protect your investment and save some money. Like children, each vehicle requires different needs that the owner should consider. Car maintenance should be a top priority for any vehicle owner.

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Speeding in Construction Zones is Both Hazardous and Costly

Fines are Hefty for Speeding in Construction Zones

If you don’t think twice when speeding in a construction zone, you may want to reconsider. Speeding in construction zones carries stiff fines and poses a hazard for the construction workers. Speeding in a construction zone can cost you a lot more than your money — it can cost you your freedom.

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Get Out There and Wash Your Own Car

Wash Your Own Car If You Want to Save Money

Saving money is second nature for many savvy consumers, and a great way savvy consumers save money is by following the motto, “If you want something done cheap, do it yourself.” Using a professional car washing service may be convenient, but it can add up to a lot of money over the years. Think it’s not worth it to wash your own car? You may want to think twice.

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The Outlook for Gas Prices

Will Gas Prices Continue to Drop?

Gas prices have been dropping considerably in recent weeks, and some people want to know why and whether or not it’s going to continue. There are many factors that affect what you pay at the pump, and with the recent dip in gas prices, you probably have a few questions you’d like answered.

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The Dark Side of Car Dealership Fees

Don’t Pay Unnecessary Car Dealership Fees!

It appears that car dealership fees have been getting out of hand lately. Some surreptitious car dealerships have been taking creative license and “inventing” allegedly required fees. Before you buy another car, you need to read more about car dealership fees so you can be fully prepared to tell the dealership why you’re not going to pay them.

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The Lowdown on Public Auto Auctions

Why Buying a Car at a Public Auto Auction Can Be a Risky Proposition

Public auto auctions seem to be increasing in popularity each and every day, however, consumers should really think twice before purchasing a car this way. Buying a car at a public auto auction can be problematic for many reasons and if you don’t know what to look out for, you may end up getting the raw end of a deal.

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Need A Great Car Deal? Try This!

A New Approach To Getting A Great Car Deal

Shopping for a car is not something my wife and I look forward to. On the contrary, my blood pressure goes up and she gets a headache the moment we decide it’s time to embark on a car-buying adventure. Not because we have a phobia of automobiles. We just don’t like sharks. Earlier this week when our car finally gave out and we decided to bite the bullet and another one, my wife decided to take a new approach at the dealership. If you’re looking for a great car deal, you have to read this.

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Beware of Extended Auto Warranties

Not All Extended Auto Warranties Are Created Equal

As I was doing research on area car dealerships for a friend, I came across some very interesting information. It seems that a car dealership that had been selling extended auto warranties for a certain auto warranty company was no longer accepting claims from that company and the company wasn’t paying as it had promised to. What does this mean? It means that the people who had paid good money for those extended auto warranties are now out of luck and are stuck with big repair bills if something goes wrong with the cars they thought were covered.

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