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Adopt a Pet from the Pound, and Save Some Dollars

Instead of spending big bucks for a purebred, why not adopt a pet from your local animal shelter?

The next time you decide to adopt a pet, may we suggest that you check in at a nearby animal shelter before you finalize your decision?

Now, you may wonder what such a decision has to do with being a savvy consumer. Well, aside from the wide selection, and the fact that you may just fall in love with a loveable mutt or an adorable kitty right away, and all humanitarian considerations aside… it’s just plain economical.

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How to Save Money on Toys

Wondering how to save money on toys before you go broke stocking the playroom? Here are a few ideas.

Let me tell you a secret that Madison Avenue doesn’t want you to know: it’s no sin to save money on toys. It won’t warp the delicate psyches of your children, and they probably won’t notice if they don’t have the most expensive dolly or Loop-de-Loop race cars.

So let’s look at a few ways you can save money when acquiring toys for your children.

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Saving Money on Calendars, Part II

Ever thought of saving money on calendars? Here’s how to do it.

Saving money on calendars isn’t all that hard, if you’re willing to make a bit of effort and you’re not worried about pretty pictures or pesky little things like the calendar being brand new. In Part I of this article, I outlined one way to save money — using calendars from previous years — and why that works.

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Saving Money on Calendars, Part I

Here are a few ways of saving money on calendars that you may not have thought of!

Have you ever considered the possibility of saving money on calendars? Admittedly, at first glance this might seem like a negligible way to save money; but then again, saving a few bucks here and there can make a real difference.

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How Frugal Are You?

How frugal are you? What have you done during the recession to save money?

We’ll admit to being a little curious: just how frugal are you, Dear Readers?

As you know, the primary purpose of our little website is to help you save a few bucks here, some pennies there, so that you can keep those savings back for a rainy day or at least spend them on more important things in your life.

That’s what being a Savvy Consumer is all about, after all. So how do you exercise your frugality? What kinds of bargains do you pursue?

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Let the Government Help You Save Money

Need a new car, house, furniture? Save money and let the government help you

If you like to save money and you like auctions, you’re in luck. You probably know the government is good at using your tax dollars to buy the things they need. But did you know that when they’re through with the items or no longer have any use for them, they put them up for sale in auctions?

Learn how you can save money from these two government auction sites.

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Don’t Waste That Gift Card!

Learn how to turn your unwanted gift card into cash quickly and easily

Gift cards are popular gifts to give and to get. I bet you have a few in your wallet right now. If you have a gift card or two or three that you know you’ll never use, don’t look at it as a ‘wasted’ gift. Instead, cash those cards in.

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Are You Spending Too Much on Glasses?

Discover how to save big on your next pair of glasses

Glasses are expensive but if you need them, you don’t have any choice but to fork out the money for a pair. After all, you have to see… right? If you need glasses but are having trouble coming up with the money or simply don’t like paying the high prices, here’s some help.

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5 Top Money Saving Websites

Money saving websites help you save big

The Internet is useful for so many things and money saving is one of them. By knowing which websites have the best deals, you can really rack up the savings. Learn how to save money on the Internet and use these tips to save money on practically anything you could possibly need.

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3 Steps to Big Savings on Groceries

Follow these 3 simple steps to save time and money buying groceries

One of your biggest expenses in your family’s budget is groceries. It’s also one of the best areas to save money and spend less…if you know how to do it. You know this and do your best to shop sales, clip coupons, and buy store brands, but many times, you end up running yourself ragged. If saving money on groceries has turned into your ‘second’ job, try these tips to get the savings you need in much less time.

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