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When Should You Collect Social Security Benefits?

Answer these questions before you start collecting social security benefits

Deciding when to retire and cash in on your social security benefits is complicated and can make a big difference in the benefits your receive. As you think about retirement, here are some important questions for you to consider to make your retirement go as smoothly and as enjoyably as possible.

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Don’t Apply for Another Job Until You Try This Resume Tip

Get your resume noticed by following this tip

Once upon a time, job seekers wrote one resume and used it for every job they applied. This is the old way of thinking and it won’t help you get the job. Now, thanks to technology, it’s possible to tailor your resume for every job you apply. By tailoring your resume for every job, you increase your odds of getting the job and not only getting the job, but also getting the job you really want.

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Can The Internet Help You Get a Job?

Why Today’s Job Seekers Should Put the Internet to Good Use

In different areas of the country there’s a struggling job market and many people are finding themselves unemployed. That means there’s heavy competition for jobs nowadays. If you’re not using the Internet to come out on top, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

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The Benefits of a Summer Job

Is a Summer Job Right For Your Teenager?

It used to be that having a summer job was par for the course when it came to summer vacation. After all, if you wanted to take in all the fun and excitement that summer had to offer, you needed a way to pay for it and a summer job provided the money that was required. But are summer jobs still the answer for students who have a three-month reprieve from school and have plenty of time to spare?

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Online Job Finders May Help the Unemployed

Job Seekers Are Finding Online Job Finders Very Useful

It used to be that finding a job meant having great networking skills, pouring over help wanted ads, or pounding the pavement for hours on end. Nowadays, job seekers are finding that looking for a job has gotten much, much easier. Online job finders are providing scores of job seekers with thousands of job opportunities each and every day right from the comfort of their own home. But what online job finders are best and which ones should you avoid?

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The Lowdown on Get Paid to Shop Offers

Can You Really Get Paid to Shop?

You’ve probably seen the ads promising you that you can get paid to shop and if you’re looking to make extra cash, they probably seem quite intriguing. But are these secret shopper positions for real, or are they just another gimmick concocted to rob you of your hard-earned money?

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Working for Employee Discounts

Employee discounts can make that second job more enticing.

Let’s face it, sometimes one income just isn’t enough in today’s day and age. If you find yourself needing a second job, you might be discouraged by the starting wages of the part time opportunities. Just remember, thanks to employee discounts, the benefits of a second job don’t end at the hourly wage.

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