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The Economical Modern Laptop Computer

Laptop computers used to be pricy little toys. But these days, they’re as economical as any desktop model — and much more useful.

I will confess: Your Humble Writer’s first laptop computer was expensive, dreadfully slow, and weighed about forty pounds, making it neither easily portable nor easy on the lap. Such are the perils of being an early adopter.

It was almost enough to ruin me on laptops, since desktop models were better all around back then. Fortunately, as it tends to do, computer technology caught up to its hype, and today I wouldn’t be caught dead considering the purchase of a desktop computer. You shouldn’t either, and here’s why.

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Confused About Buying a Printer?

Use this information to help you sift through information and buy the computer that’s right for you

Just like computers, printers are now a part of our everyday life. Whether you need a computer for home or office, there are more printers on the market than ever before. On one hand, this is good. This has brought the price of printers down and made them affordable.

On the other hand, this now adds to the confusion of knowing which printer is best for you and which is the best to buy. Here’s some information to help take the confusion out of your next printer purchase.

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Entertainment, Thy Name is iPad

Looking for the perfect portable entertainment device? Check out the Apple iPad first.

Nothing illustrates the confluence of electronics technology better than the new Apple iPad. As far as most people are concerned, it’s just a new toy–but the early adopters are legion, because it offers so many things that people want, all in one slim package.

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The iPod Touch: the Poor Man’s iPad

Let’s say you really, really want an iPad, but you don’t have $500 to spend. Well, if you have $200, you can get a way-cool iPad Touch

As handheld electronic gizmos go, Apple’s 3G iPod Touch is a great little find. In fact, I like to think of it as a poor man’s iPad.

Now, let me immediately point out that the iPod Touch can’t do everything its bigger brother can do–but it’s also a lot cheaper, on the order of $200 to the iPad’s $500+, and frankly, it does do many of the same things. That makes it a sweet little alternative.

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Save Money with Google

Google helps you save money — Learn how

Everyone knows Google is a good search engine, but did you know they could also help you save money? It’s true. Google is state-of-the-art thanks to the fact that they employ some of the smartest people on the planet. Now you can take advantage of the availability of Google and their smart employees and let them help you save more money.

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Free Web Hosting: A Train Wreck or a Bargain?

Depending on what you’re looking for, free web hosting can be a dream come true or a total disaster

Almost everyone who designs, plans, or simply wants websites considers free web hosting at some point — and who can blame them? Life’s expensive enough without having to pay for a website. And in some situations, a free web host can be exactly what the doctor ordered. Before you leap at the offer, though, consider what you’re using your site for — and whether free web site hosting is for you.

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Think you Need a New Computer? Try These 5 Tips Before You Buy

Try these 4 tips and avoid buying a new computer

You’ve concluded you need a new computer. Your old computer was faithful, but let’s face it — you don’t have all day. It takes forever to boot up and even longer to surf the Internet. Unless you’re just dying to buy that latest, greatest computer, give these tips a try and speed up your old faithful.

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Get the Best Protection with the Best Personal Firewall

Discover which firewall is best for you

It’s easy to get discouraged when searching for the best personal firewall. You know you need one, but weeding through all the confusing information can be, well…confusing. This article will help you discover which firewall is best for you.

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Are The Days of the Internet Numbered?

When and How the Internet Will “Meet Its Maker”

If you’ve been paying attention to tech news, you may have heard rumors that the Internet is going to die. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the economy – it’s all about capacity. But will the Internet really die? Here’s what you need to know…

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Is That Free Anti-Spyware Application a Rogue In Disguise?

Why Free Anti-Spyware Software Isn’t Always A Good Deal

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a sucker for a bargain, but when it comes to anti-spyware software I know that you often get what you pay for (in most cases). While there are definitely affordable and even free anti-spyware applications out there, the free ones are often NOT everything they’re cracked up to be. If you want to make sure you don’t fall for a spyware scan scam, there are some things you need to know.

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