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What You Need to Know About Internet Security Software

Is Internet Security Software More Headache Than It’s Worth?

The other day I thought I’d do the smart thing and upgrade from your typical anti-spyware and anti-virus applications to a full-blown Internet security software suite. Little did I know, that decision was going to result in me growing another head, horns and fangs. I went from a happy, easy-going guy to a raving lunatic who had to be stopped from throwing a laptop through a sliding-glass door. What is it about Internet security software that can make the most sane person not so sane? Before you install any Internet security suite on your PC (Macs just don’t have this problem), here are some things you need to know.

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Have You Tried Firefox Yet?

Firefox is Making the Web a Nicer Place to Visit

I think of Firefox as the ultimate method of Internet travel. After all, when you venture into unfamiliar territories, you want to do so with the fastest, safest and most enjoyable method of transport possible. In the world of the Web, Firefox is it.

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And the Computer Threat Keeps on Coming

The Latest Computer Threat Haunting the Web

In the world of computers, where many of us dwell, there is nothing more disrupting than hearing that there is a new computer threat on the horizon just waiting to find its way onto our systems. In the latest of a never ending line of attacks we have been most recently faced with a virus which is intruded via a WMF, otherwise known as a Windows Meta file.

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Computer Viruses Can Make Life Miserable

How to deal with computer viruses.

You’re working on your computer and everything is going well. Things are moving along at a quick pace and your system is doing just fine. Suddenly, your computer crashes and you can’t get it to restart. You may have just been the victim of one of many computer viruses. What do you do now?

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