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Know Important Recalls and Keep Your Family Safe

Don’t let a recall for a product your family uses slip past. Stay safe with this recall information

“Infant strangled to death in stroller now on recall list.” That’s it. That’s all you hear on the news. The problem is, you have a baby and you have a stroller. Is your stroller is considered unsafe? What stroller caused the death of this baby? How can you know your baby is safe if you can’t figure out what stroller is now on the recall list?

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How to Save Money When Watering Your Lawn and Garden

Fresh water is a limited resource—but you have to keep watering your lawn and your plants, or they’ll die. Here’s how to do it frugally

In a lot of cities these days, you can get a hefty fine if you’re caught watering your lawn or garden except on a specific, stringent schedule. This makes sense, since our water supplies are often limited. But do you really have to let your plants and yard die?

Not if you use your noggin–and it doesn’t have to cost the Earth, either. Here are three tips that can help you conserve water and have enough for your petunias.

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Two Inexpensive, Perfectly Organic Kitchen Cleansers

Rather than dump nasty chemicals down your sink just to get things clean, try these handy-dandy organic kitchen cleansers

Let’s be honest from the git-go: organic kitchen cleaners aren’t likely to be as effective as the harsh, chemical-based stuff you can get at the local grocery store. But then again, they don’t have harsh chemicals in them either, to damage your skin or foul up the environment. That’s a point in their favor.

Today, lads and lassies, we’re going to take a look at two very simple cleansers you can make inexpensively from items on hand. Add a little elbow grease and your kitchen will soon be sparkling.

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Confused by Life Insurance? Here’s Help

If you don’t understand life insurance, you can’t buy the best policy.

You know why you need life insurance — to keep a roof over your family’s head, to pay off debts and the future education of your children — but when it comes to making a decision, it isn’t always easy.

Life insurance is confusing. Here’s some help to sort out the different policies so you can buy the best possible policy to protect your family.

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Are Your Cell Phones Giving You Monthly Bill Shock?

Put an end to bill shock with these tips for cell phones

Are cell phones killing your budget…bankrupting you…causing family tension…in danger of sending you to the poor house? If so, you’re not alone. Every month people the world over are opening their cell phone bills and receiving heart-stopping shocks. If you’re tired of this happening to you, here are a few ideas to use to put a stop to this crazy cycle.

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How Safe is Your Baby’s Crib?

Discover how safe your baby’s crib really is

How safe are baby cribs? With the recent recall of 2.2 million baby cribs by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, it makes you wonder. The Safety Commission has also recalled over 9 million cribs in the last five years. With the lives of babies at risk, it pays to know how to choose a safe crib.

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3 Foolproof Tips for Choosing the Right Fertilizers for Your Lawn

Follow these 3 tips for choosing the right fertilizers for a lush and luxurious lawn

Choosing, buying, and using the right fertilizers for your lawn can be a confusing and frustrating experience. Whether you want a lawn that looks like a golf course or just having something green growing would make you happy, it helps if you have a basic understanding of fertilizer.

Use these tips to help you choose the right type of fertilizer, how much to use and when to use it.

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Is Biodiesel All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Biodiesel is an excellent alternative fuel…but you shouldn’t blind yourself to its drawbacks.

There’s little doubt that biodiesel in general is a good idea, since at some point, fossil fuels are going to be in desperately short supply. And with the breached Deepwater Horizon well still belching thousands of barrels of crude into the Gulf of Mexico daily as of this writing, petroleum is in bad odor at the moment.

Biodiesel is marketed as being the ideal eco-friendly option for any diesel-fueled automobile, since it’s made from processed vegetable oil and forms little more than water vapor and carbon dioxide when it’s burned. Not so bad, right? Well…

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Do You Really Need That Super-Deluxe Cable TV Package?

It’s not lying exactly, but your cable TV company will happily steer you toward a more expensive cable package than you need. Here’s how to head them off.

A while back, I did an article on the ways you can save money by cutting cable TV completely out of your budget.

But alas, some of us consider cable a basic necessity, like water, electricity, and World of Warcraft. What if you feel cutting cable out of your life altogether is going too far?

Never fear, there is an answer. You can keep a decent cable service simply by trimming away all the stuff you don’t need. You’ll still have to pay for TV, but you won’t have to pay through the nose anymore.

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15 Inexpensive but Fun Dating Ideas

When times are tough, get creative with these inexpensive ideas for dating

Let’s face it. Dating is expensive and at some point in your life, you won’t have enough money to spend on it. But, if you’re single and looking for that special someone or even if you just like to get out and meet people, dating is a necessity. What do you do if you want to date but are short on cash? You learn to date inexpensively.

Here are some inexpensive or totally free dating ideas to get you started.

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