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How to Bootstrap Someone’s Credit Score with Piggybacking

If you’ve got an excellent credit rating, you can boost a loved one’s credit score almost immediately through a practice known as piggybacking.

If you have great credit, you can improve a loved one’s poor credit score almost overnight by “piggybacking” them on your credit card.

A few years back, something called “credit piggybacking” was widely advertised as the savior for those with bad credit but plenty of money. According to the credit rebuilders, all you had to do was pay a stiff fee, and they’d make you an authorized user on the credit card of someone with spotless credit.

All it took was a few weeks and a thousand bucks, and voila! Your credit score was instantly boosted. It worked, too. All that the rating services saw was your association with that excellent font of credit, and just like the child’s game of piggyback, your score was lifted proportionately.

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Investing in Coins: Is it Worthwhile? Part II

Investing in coins can be worth your effort, but like anything worthwhile, you’ll have to work at it.

Here, we’ll continue with Part II of our tips on investing in coins. If you missed part I, you can find it here. Investing in coins can be more than just a hobby, if you’re willing to put some thought and elbow grease into it.

Investing in coins is simple, as long as you stick to gold and silver; those coins have a value beyond the numismatic. However, the true excitement and expertise of coin investing comes when dealing with rare or scarce coins made of base metals, particularly copper and nickel alloys.

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Two Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

No matter where you live, these two tips to save money on your electric bill will come in handy.

If you’re like me, no matter how hard you try to conserve energy, there are times when you look at your electric bill and your eyes bug out because of the cost.

Well, if you’re tired of your utility bills blowing a hole in your household budget, here are a couple of things you might try to tame your electricity use. In fact, these tips are so easy it’s almost a crime not to try them.

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Is Your Home Electrical Wiring a Safety Hazard?

Be safe! Follow these 5 tips before you do any home electrical wiring.

Even the most experienced and enthusiastic DIYer gets a little intimidated when it comes to home electrical wiring. Unless you happen to be a licensed electrician, electricity tends to make most people more than a little nervous. If you have remodeling or projects that include the electrical wiring in the home, follow these tips and be sure you don’t make these 5 common mistakes

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Are You Using Tanning Beds Safely?

Answer these 5 questions to find out

According to the American Cancer Society, there are more than 1 million cases of non-melanoma skin cancer. 60,000 more cases will be diagnosed this year. With statistics like more reports than ever are circulating warning of the dangers of being in the sun and using tanning beds. If these reports have you worried and you wonder if your tanning bed might cause cancer, take this quick test to see if you’re using your tanning bed safely.

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5 Tips to Becoming a Recycling Superhero

Brush up on your recycling skills with these quick tips

How good are you at recycling? For the sake of our environment, we all need to learn the basics about how to recycle and then become experts in this area. Here are 5 quick tips to help you get started and become a recycling superhero.

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Onebrella: The Last Umbrella You’ll Buy?

The Onebrella claims to be the last umbrella you’ll ever buy. How good is it really?

If you use an umbrella with any frequency, you know exactly what the Onebrella’s producers are talking about when they mention umbrellas flipping inside out. Until I moved to the coast, I thought that only happened in the movies. The first time my umbrella flipped, leaving me battling the relentless rain and wind, I realized that was not the case.

So naturally, the idea of a windproof umbrella caught my eye. The Onebrella claims to be the best umbrella on the market and even offers a replacement guarantee if the umbrella flips inside out, bends, or get damaged. They go so far as to make it no questions asked, meaning you can beat someone around the head with it and still get a new umbrella. That sounds worth a shot!

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Save Soap — Save Money

Discover the correct amount of soap to use in your clothes and dishwashers to save money

You wouldn’t think saving on soap would save much money. But, hey, little expenses add up. By using the correct amounts, you can cut your expense of washing clothes and dishes in half. Learn the correct amount to use to save big.

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The Deal With Aluminum Free Deodorant

Is aluminum really that dangerous? Check out the answers with aluminum free deodorant options

These days, many people are switching to aluminum free deodorant. Unfortunately, many are doing so without being well informed — because they received an email, perhaps, or heard about an Internet site linking deodorant to cancer from a friend of a friend of a friend.

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How to Keep Your Front Load Washer from Stinking

Quick tips to get rid of the stinky smell in your front load washer

When it comes to washing machines, front load washers are a hot item. They’re cool and everybody wants one, but…they seem to have a problem. A very stinky problem. If own a front loading washer and are bothered by the bad smell, keep reading to learn why your washer stinks and what you can do about it.

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