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Redi Set Go: Are You Ready to Cook?

Time to get Redi Set Go and start cooking!

You may have seen the Redi Set Go cooker infomercials on TV and wondered if it was really all it was cracked up to be. In a word, the answer is yes! If you love to cook, then the express Redi Set Go is going to meet all of your expectations and then some.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Nuwave Oven

Considering a nuwave oven? This is the product review you need.

When I first heard about the nuwave oven, my initial reaction was: too good to be true! This little machine uses infrared technology to cook even an entire turkey quickly, efficiently — and without heating up the house? It grills, dehydrates, bakes, roasts, and even fries without using oil? This sounds like the poster child for false promises.

But to my surprise, the nuwave infrared oven actually delivers on all of these attributes. Here’s what I found when it comes to the nuwave oven.

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Are Organic Foods Really That Good for You?

Discover what organic foods are and why you need them

In today’s ‘green’ culture, you hear about organic food almost daily – enough to make you think about eating organically. If you’re wondering…

What exactly determines whether a food is organic or not?

Can eating organic foods improve your health?

Can eating organic foods help protect you from diseases?

Can eating organic foods extend your life?

Keep reading.

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Let the Lowly Potato Help You Make Healthy, Easy, and Cheap Meals

Need a cheap meal to feed a hungry family? Try these potato recipes

You’re in a rush, the family is starving, and you need ideas for cheap meals fast. You’re in luck. That’s what we have right here. Look through these recipes for some quick, easy cheap meals your family will love.

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The Truth Behind Splenda

Recently, rumors declared Splenda unfit for human consumption. Truth, or just a myth?

For years, Splenda has been the number one choice of diabetics and calorie conscious consumers. With the headline “made from sugar,” the company has created an image of a natural artificial sweetener with no calories.

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Confused About Which Storage Bags to Buy?

Don’t take the chance on ruining food — Here’s how to choose the best storage bags

We all use them — storage bags, that is. If you’re like me and want to cut costs to the bare bone, you don’t want all your hard work ruined because food wasted or ruins in the freezer. One of the easiest and fastest ways to waste money is by letting food spoil. This is exactly why choosing the right food storage bags means a lot. It might seem like a minor detail, but hey…every little bit counts.

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Let’s Talk Slap Chop!

Looking for someone to review slap chop? Look no further

Have you seen the slap chop commercials — online if not on TV. ‘That crazy slap chop guy’ is probably better known than the product he advertises. But as the novelty wears off, you turn your attention to the product itself, and begin to wonder: can you really do all this stuff with slap chop?

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Get the Trans Fat Facts in Your Diet

Worried about trans fat foods? This guide can help you avoid this fatty poison

When it comes to trans fat, experts believe that we might as well be eating poison. That’s right: there’s simply no upside when it comes to trans fats. They’re essentially a heart attack in food form — far more so than the normal American diet of high fat, low nutritional foods.

Understanding the facts about trans fat foods helps you protect yourself, and your family, from this nutritional nightmare.

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Eat Healthy, Eat Cheap — Is it Possible?

Yes it is! Follow these 4 tips and eat healthy

You can’t underestimate how important it is to eat healthy. Without good nutrition, your immune system is compromised and you find yourself getting sick more often. The problem is most people think eating healthy means buying expensive foods. This doesn’t have to be the case. Learn to prepare healthy, easy, low cost meals by following these tips.

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Christmas Dinner on a Budget

How to Have a Big Christmas Dinner Without the Big Cost

Christmas dinner is an important family tradition, but not everyone has the money to fork over for a big feast. Fortunately, there are ways around the financial hurdle. If you want to create a Christmas dinner to remember (without a bill that will haunt you) follow these budget-friendly feast tips…

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