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Make Sure Vegetarian Foods Don’t Drain Your Wallet

Vegetarian Diets Don’t Have to Cost an Arm and a Leg

It’d be great if eating vegetarian could make you a millionaire. Then I suspect everyone would do it. Overall, though, a vegetarian diet can save money on health care costs and on your monthly grocery bill, if you know how to work it. If you’re like many savvy consumers and considering the switch to becoming a vegetarian, or even if you just want to incorporate vegetarian meals into your menu each week, the following information can help you save some money in the process.

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Weekly Meal Planning Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare

Weekly Meal Planning Made Easy

If you have a family and work full time (or even part time) weekly meal planning can seem like mission impossible. After all, you want everyone to eat healthy but you don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen. How do you manage to feed everyone home-cooked meals without paying for a personal chef? With a few insider secrets, you can manage it. Here are some tricks of the trade I’ve been using for years.

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This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Cookware Is Back In the Kitchen

If you would have told me a few years ago that I’d be cooking with cast iron cookware, I would have laughed till it hurt. After all, why would I use old-fashioned cast iron when Teflon is all the rage? But then Teflon-related health issues started to arise and we got a few exotic birds (who can’t be around hot Teflon pans due to the fumes) and I began looking for alternatives. Cast iron cookware wasn’t looking so bad anymore.

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Save Money and Brew Tasty Coffee at Home

You Can Save Money without Compromising Taste

Making coffee at home is a great way to save money. Buying coffee at a local coffee shop can be convenient, but it is also costly. I’ve talked before about making coffee at home to save money, and hopefully you’re following that advice. Today, I’d like to address how to make coffee that actually tastes good.

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Cheaper Alternatives to Canned Soup

Skip the Canned Soup and Make Your Own

Canned soup is high in sodium and overpriced. Sure, canned soup can make a quick lunch or be an easy appetizer at dinnertime after you’ve a particularly busy day. A great alternative to canned soup is to simply make your own soup at home.

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Top-Secret Turkey Cooking Tips For Thanksgiving

Turkey Cooking Tips That Will Change The Way You Do Thanksgiving

Each and every Thanksgiving, cooking the turkey is pretty much the same. Stuff the bird, put it in the oven and baste it every so often, right? The turkey is always delicious, but don’t you ever find yourself wanting to kick it up a notch? If you’re tired of the status quo of Thanksgiving turkey, here are a couple of turkey cooking tips you may want to put into use this year.

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