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Good Reasons to Buy Things With a Credit Card

There are some situations when it’s advisable to pay for something with a credit card, rather than cash, check, or debit.

Nowadays, it’s often easier to pay for a purchase with a debit or credit card than with cash. In fact, some of us rarely even keep cash on hand, because there are very few cases when it’s absolutely necessary.

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Improve Your Credit Score with 4 Easy Tips

Need to improve your credit score? Here’s how

Never underestimate a good credit score. Having a good credit score means the savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars on loans. Having a good credit score means getting the most bang for your buck.

But what happens if your credit score hits rock bottom? It means, simply, that you need to take some steps to get it back up where credit card, mortgage, and loan companies want you for a customer and you can do that by following these easy tips.

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How the Credit Card Act of 2009 Helps You

If you’re sick of the credit card companies’ high-handed tactics, you’re gonna love the Credit Card Act of 2009.

Few people took much notice when President Obama signed the Credit CARD Act of 2009 into law back in May of 2009, but they’re starting to pay a lot of attention now. The new Act acts aggressively to rein in what most people see as the excesses of credit card companies and related financial institutions.

The changes went into effect in late February 2010. Noticed them yet? Bet you have.

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How to Find the Best Credit Card

Follow these tips for your best credit card yet

Tip #1 — Check for deals

One of the best ways to find the best credit card is to search the Internet. A couple of trustworthy sites are CardRatings and FatWallet. Both of these sites review cards, telling which ones are good and which ones you should avoid. These sites often have coupons that you use to get special rates.

Another great Internet site with up-to-date information on credit cards and sensible credit card advice is the Credit Card Whizkid.

Tip #2 — Check for affinity cards

An affinity card is a branded credit card, company-issued by a bank and the organization whose logo appears on the card. If you have a VISA or MasterCard with a logo on it, you have an affinity card. Many employers offer their employees discounts with a company-sponsored affinity card.

Tip #3 — Specialty rewards cards

Costco and Starwood Hotels are two examples of specialty rewards cards. If you are a Costco shopper and you pay off your balance in full each month, you get cash back. Many businesses have offers like these where you get credit card rewards for using their card.

Tip #4 — Credit union cards

Members own their own credit union cards. This is why you can often get good cards and rates. Check the local credit unions in your area and see if you qualify for one of their credit cards.

Tip #5 — Association cards

If you belong to any type of association, for example the NEA, get credit cards with lower rates. The NEA offers a 6.24 interest rate and 0% on balance transfers.

Tip #6 — Use credit cards that fit your needs

The best credit card for you is one that meets your needs. If you need to switch credit cards for a lower interest rate, choose a card that has a low rate and 0% transfer rate. Some of these are the American Express Clear, PenFed Visa Platinum, and People’s United Bank MasterCard.

If you carry a balance on your credit card every month, you need a low interest rate. Iberiabank VISA Classis starts with an interest rate of 8.75% and Simmons First VISA Platinmum has a 7.25%.

Finding the best credit card for you involves shopping around and finding a card that meets your needs. Follow these tips and start saving on your credit cards today.

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Looking For The Perfect Balance Transfer Credit Card?

The Right Balance Transfer Credit Card Is Just Around The Corner

If you’re looking for a great deal on a balance transfer credit card, you may be very interested in the website we were recently asked to review. As you may know, we are compensated when we review a site, but we never review a site that doesn’t offer our readers something significant. In this case, how about balance transfer credit cards with a 0% APR? We thought that would perk your ears.

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Getting Out of Holiday Debt

How to Get Out of Holiday Debt Without Putting Your Life on Hold

If you’re like most people, you incurred a bit of debt this holiday season. From a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, millions of people went into debt this holiday season, so you’re not alone. The question is, how do you get out of holiday debt with as little pain as possible?

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Pay In Advance Credit Cards and Loans

Are pay in advance credit cards and loans on the up and up?

You receive a letter in the mail. You’ve been pre-approved for a credit card or a loan, you just need to send in the paperwork with a $79 processing fee. Your credit isn’t perfect, so maybe this is your opportunity to improve it. Or maybe this is one of the biggest scams of the year. Believe it or not, pay in advance credit cards or loans aren’t the answers to your financial woes, they may just be the beginning.

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Credit Card Offers: Differentiating the Good from the Bad

How do you know which credit card offers are legit and which ones aren’t?

Finding credit card offers that aren’t going to take you for a ride can be a real headache. After all, how do you know which credit card offers are legit and which ones are scams? Deciphering one from the other can be tricky, but the good news is there are credit card offers out there that are indeed legit.

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