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Tipping: Some Reasonable Guidelines

These days, tipping is more or less expected in some retail establishments. Here are some ways you can save money on the practice

If you’ve ever worked in a service environment, then you’re probably all for tipping. Nothing feels better, after all, than getting a little bit of extra money for doing a good job of making a customer happy.

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Is Your Organic Food Really Organic?

Confused about organic food labels? Learn what they mean

You’ve made the decision and taken the plunge — you’ve gone organic. But, now it gets a little confusing. You want to eat healthy and provide quality food for your family, but you don’t want to get ripped off paying for food that’s not really organic.

If you’re having trouble telling what food is organic or reading the different organic food labels, here’s some help.

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Light Ice Cream — Is it Light on Taste?

Light ice cream sounds like a good idea — But is it?

Light ice cream. Hmmmm…try or not try it? Choosing a “light” ice cream is a tough endeavor. If it’s low in fat, then it’s got to be low on taste, right? Here’s what test results show.

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Think it’s Impossible to Save Money Eating Out? Think again

Use these 9 tips to save money when eating out

If you think it’s impossible to save money eating out, think again. There are many ways to save money and many discounts and coupons to take advantage of. Here are a few money-saving tips to get you started.

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Have You Visited Your Neighborhood Brazilian Grill?

The Brazilian Grill Way of Dining

Just last week I didn’t know what a Brazilian grill was. Then, two days ago, my eyes were opened to a whole new world of dining. If you’ve never visited one of these restaurants you don’t know what you’re missing…

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Weekly Meal Planning Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare

Weekly Meal Planning Made Easy

If you have a family and work full time (or even part time) weekly meal planning can seem like mission impossible. After all, you want everyone to eat healthy but you don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen. How do you manage to feed everyone home-cooked meals without paying for a personal chef? With a few insider secrets, you can manage it. Here are some tricks of the trade I’ve been using for years.

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Eating Out For Less

Eating Out Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

If I have one vice, it’s that I love to eat out. Unfortunately, I don’t care for fast food. I like quality and quality tends to cost. Over the years, I’ve learned some tips and tricks that allow my family and me to eat out at great restaurants without going broke. If you’d like to do the same, here’s what I suggest…

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