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A Simple Way to Save Money on College

Hoping to save money on college? Easy enough: don’t spend so much time there

To most of us, the very possibility that you can save money on college is right up there with the validity of the Easter Bunny. And that’s understandable: it doesn’t take much research on the subject to make you gasp in horror.

A degree from a big-name school can cost upwards of $250,000. Even a state university (always a frugal choice for a solid education) can cost you the price of a modest house over four years’ time. And at least with a house, you get 20-30 years to pay it off; you have to pay off student loans in ten.

So what’s a person to do?

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Free Resources to Learn a Foreign Language

Have fun and learn a foreign language for free

Always wanted to learn a foreign language? Many people have. Whether you learn a second language for fun, for business, for travel, or for school… you know it can be expensive. Find some other alternatives.

The top-selling foreign language course on the market RosettaStone is great but pricey. Not quite ready to spend the money on this course? Need to test the waters first? Try learning a foreign language free with one of these courses.

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Help Your Child Learn to Read

What products really help your child learn to read?

One of the most important things a child does is learn to read. Without reading, tackling any of the subject areas later on grows difficult, let alone achieving success in life. It’s never too early to start learning to read with your kids.

Fortunately, great products exist out there to help your child learn. Unfortunately, many of them are expensive and inferior, and don’t help him learn to read. That’s where this article comes in — let us answer the age old question: How can I help my child read?

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Need Cheap Textbooks for College?

It’s possible to get cheap textbooks for college. Learn how

Finding cheap textbooks for college seems to be an impossible task these days. If you’re struggling with college costs and need to save money on your textbooks, here’s a great tip for you.

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The Online Certification Debate

Is Online Certification Really the Way to Go?

It’s always great to have some “paper” under your belt and online certification offers everyone with an Internet connection an easy and convenient way to do just that. But is online certification really beneficial? Does it really hold any weight with potential clients or employers? The answers may surprise you.

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One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) — Giving Every Child in the World a Laptop

You Can Help Make the One Laptop Per Child Vision a Reality

Nicholas Negroponte from MIT has a vision: to make laptops for $100 to give one to every child in the world, starting with children in poor countries. At the moment, the price has been squeezed down to $200 per laptop. (This price, like just about all electronics, will continue to drop.)

Although these are very cool laptops, consumers can’t buy them. Except for a limited time to help jumpstart the project. That’s why One Laptop Per Child is offering a Give One, Get One program for a very limited time. Help OLPC by donating a laptop through their noble program and you’ll be able to buy one. Intrigued? Read on…

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Facing Expected Increases in College Tuition

How You Can Finance College Tuition in the Future

According to some calculations, the cost of a college education in the year 2020 is expected to cost more than $250,000. Nearly all independent estimates expect college costs to double over the next twelve years. If you’re a parent, this news can be pretty unsettling. What options are there for parents to face constantly growing college tuition costs?

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Where Can You Find Classroom Materials at Bargain Prices?

Classroom Materials at a Discount

Whether you home school your children or you are just trying to create an educational nook for your kids at home, we’ve got great tips that will save you big on “classroom” necessities. Here are some classroom materials tips you shouldn’t live without.

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Want to Learn a Foreign Language Without Spending Too Much Dough?

Mastering a Foreign Language Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive.

At some point in their lives many people want to take up a foreign language. The problem is, at a first glance, learning a foreign language doesn’t seem cheap. Unless you’re a high school student and foreign language is a part of your curriculum, you’re most likely going to have pay something to learn this new skill. But is it really necessary to shell out big bucks? No, it’s not.

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The Facts About Homeschooling

Thinking of Homeschooling Your Child?

Homeschooling has become quite popular over recent years and there are many reasons a parent might consider homeschooling. Religious convictions, issues with the competence of the public school system, etc. If, for whatever reason, you have chosen to not send your children to the local public school, you might want to consider homeschooling. But is homeschooling really feasible for your personal situation?

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