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Is Satellite Internet a Good Deal for You?

You may have heard that satellite Internet is reliable and can reach just about anywhere… but is it really for you?

Satellite Internet service is one of those technologies that was little more than a gleam in some engineer’s eye 15 years ago. We’ve had satellite TV for a while now; you just point a parabolic receiver at the right Earth-orbiting satellite and you can pull in a signal. Easy-peasy.

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The Top Sites for Free E-Books, Part II

Looking for some free e-books? Check out these sites

For those of us smitten with e-book readers, one of the best things about them is that there are so many free e-books available. You can get everything from literary classics in the public domain to experimental works that the writers just wanted to offer free to the world.

Last time, we looked at two of the best sources of free e-books in the known universe: the e-reader merchant sites themselves, and the amazing Project Gutenberg. This time, we’ll take a look at a few more options.

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Save Money on New Books With An E-Reader

Brand new hardbacks cost upwards of $30 these days, and let’s not even get started on textbooks. One way to save money on new books is to go digital

If you really want to save money on new books, especially hardbacks, you might have to change your psychology a little.

Now, what do I mean by that?

Well, consider this: why does anyone ever buy a book just after it’s published? They’re expensive, and you can usually get a copy on the cheap — used or in a different format — in just a few months.

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The Top Sites for Free E-Books, Part I

One way to save money on your reading material is by loading free e-books into your e-book reader. It’s amazing how many of them are available.

One of the best things about electronic book readers is that you can get access to literally thousands of free e-books. If you’re an inveterate reader, this is akin to heaven on Earth, especially for fans of the classics.

Not only do you get enough to read from here to doomsday, you can save an amazing amount of money in the process! Admittedly, you do have to absorb the initial outlay for the reader itself… unless you can finagle it as gift. Even if you can’t, you can get a good, solid reader for as little as $139.

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How to Save Money at Amusement Parks, Part II

If you could save money at amusement parks, would you go more often?

Despite the naysayers, it’s not impossible to save money at amusement parks. In Part I of this article, I suggested ways to purchase discounted tickets. Here are a few ideas on ways to save cash once you’re actually inside the park… or at least in the parking lot.

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How to Save Money at Amusement Parks, Part I

It might seems like a contradiction in terms, but you really can save money at amusement parks

If you could save money at amusement parks instead of spending it like water, would you go more often? I know I would, and I don’t even have kids!

Well, it’s possible to visit the theme park of your choice without your budget hemorrhaging red ink for the next year. In fact, it’s so possible, and such an important subject (at least for those of us who actually enjoy having fun) that I’m gonna devote two articles to it.

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Save Money on This Year’s Halloween Party

Have a great Halloween party without spending a great deal of money

Is it possible to have a Halloween party without spending a frightening amount of money? Sure it is. Use these Halloween party ideas for a great party without racking up charges on your credit card.

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Simple Ways to Save on Entertainment Costs

Looking to save a few bucks on entertainment costs? Of course you are. Here’s how

In these harrowing days of $10-15 first-run movies (and Heaven forbid you should want some popcorn), you’ve got to save on entertainment costs just to get by. But you’re in luck, because there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself on a budget!

Here are a couple.

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Keep Kids Entertained with Free Fun Activities

Blast boredom with these fun activities for kids

Are your kid’s bored? Do you need fun activities to keep them entertained? If you have kids you probably do. After all, it’s that time of year — school’s still out for some and they aren’t ready to go back but they’re bored. If you find yourself in this predicament, use these ideas for some family fun that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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15 Inexpensive but Fun Dating Ideas

When times are tough, get creative with these inexpensive ideas for dating

Let’s face it. Dating is expensive and at some point in your life, you won’t have enough money to spend on it. But, if you’re single and looking for that special someone or even if you just like to get out and meet people, dating is a necessity. What do you do if you want to date but are short on cash? You learn to date inexpensively.

Here are some inexpensive or totally free dating ideas to get you started.

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