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Broke and Bored? Save Money on Your Family’s Entertainment

Cutting back doesn’t mean cutting out the fun. Here are some fun ideas for inexpensive entertainment

When you decide to cut your budget, many times the first extra to go is entertainment. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are multitudes of things your family can do and enjoy. Check out these ideas and see which ones you like best.

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Blu-ray Players — Are They Worth the Cost?

Decide if Blu-ray players are for you

What’s the difference between Blu-ray players and DVD players? Good question — especially if you’re in the market for a new player. You may be asking whether it’s worth your money to go all out with a Blu-ray player, or wait for technology to mature and stick with a DVD player in the meantime. If you have questions, read these tips and suggestions before you buy.

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New Year’s Eve on a Budget

On a budget? Have a great New Year’s Eve celebration anyway

Having a New Year’s Eve party while trying to stick to a budget might sound impossible. But it isn’t. Follow these tips, ideas, and suggestions and enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebration.

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The Lowdown on Video Games Consoles

The “big 3” broken down and described to fit your needs this holiday season

The main three video games consoles kids (and adults) drool over these days, compete for every little dollar. And then there are the portable game consoles, such as the PSP and Nintendo DS, not to mention the Gameboy. Add a few qualifiers like “advance” or “lite” and… well… huh?

With the holidays coming, a lot of people wonder what games and consoles their kids want the most. Fortunately, all of your questions get answered right now so you’ll be primed and ready for the season.

There are three main game consoles: the Nintendo Wii, the Xbox 360, and the Playstation 3. Each has its own problems and merits, so let’s consider them one at a time.

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Cut Costs by Cutting off Cable TV

See how much money you can save by cutting out the cable TV

Love cable TV but hate the expense? You’re not alone. If you’re tired of paying high costs in an attempt to find something to watch when you veg out after a hard day’s work, try a few of these alternatives to cable.

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Digital Television Is On Its Way

Are You Ready For Digital Television?

In case you hadn’t noticed, a digital television revolution is on its way. You can ignore it if you want, but it’s coming whether you’re ready for it or not. That being said, if you’re not ready for it, you’re going to be in for an unpleasant surprise…

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The Wonderful World of Movie Download Services

Movie Download Services Save the Day

Up until recently I knew movie download services existed — they just really didn’t interest me much. Then, recently, I was looking for an old movie title that I really loved. Blockbuster didn’t have it, and neither did any of the other video stores in town. Went to the Web and figured out this movie is quite hard to get a hold of, as people are charging upwards of $50 for the DVD. I was about ready to get a crash course in the value of movie download services.

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The War of Cable TV vs. Satellite

Which is Better? Cable TV or Satellite Reception

There is a long-standing war between Satellite reception and cable TV. However, are there really any differences between the two and if so, which one is better? When it comes to the war between Cable TV and satellite, the lines aren’t always cut and dry. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to compare the two side by side and I’ve got some answers.

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The New World of Online Movie Rentals

Have You Tried Online Movie Rentals Lately?

It used to be that online movie rentals meant subscribing to a service, paying a monthly fee, selecting what movies you wanted to see and then waiting a couple of days for them to arrive in the mail. Then you’d watch the movies, send them back, wait for the movie rental service to get them and send new ones out to you. Sound like a hassle? Some thought so. That’s why online movie rentals have drastically evolved over the past couple of years.

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Summer Fun that Won’t Break the Bank

Have You Had Any Free Summer Fun Recently?

When you’re looking for summer fun for you and your family, it can be all too easy to overlook the free things to do. Summer is coming, and there are many free ways to have fun. The following summer fun options, designed mostly for kids, are enjoyable and cost effective to boot.

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