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5 Tips to Great Deals on a Gym Membership

Save money on your gym membership and get in shape by following these tips

Trying to lose a few pounds? If so, you’re probably considering a gym membership. This is a good move and will help you in your quest to get in better shape, improve your health, and lose a few pounds. But before you sign, here’s some tips to getting the best gym membership possible.

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Tips for Buying the Right Jogging Shoes

Protect your feet and your wallet – Buy the right jogging shoes

Buying the wrong jogging shoes can be costly — to your wallet and to the health of your feet. The right pair of running shoes will maximize your running and prevent injuries. Don’t make the mistakes most people do. Instead, follow these tips for the perfect shoes for your feet and wallet.

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Take the Pain Out of Weigh-Ins — Choose the Right Bathroom Scale

Learn which bathroom scale is right for you – digital or dial

Let’s face it. Stepping on the bathroom scales can be a scary thing. It’s just not something most people look forward to. But, if you’re watching your weight, a daily weigh-in is a necessity. And if you must weigh daily, accuracy is very important. So when it comes to bathroom scales, which ones are the best and which ones can you trust? Let’s find out.

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The New Fitness Shoes — A Fitness Revolution… or Not

Can a pair of fitness shoes really get you in shape?

Trends come and go. Some are good — some not so good. So, what about the fitness shoes that are so hot right now? You know the ones that shape you while you walk. Do they work? Let’s find out.

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Does the Shake Weight Deliver On Its Promises?

What does the shake weight really do — and is it worth the minor investment?

If you’ve never heard of the shake weight, it’s a pretty simple concept to explain. The shake weight is exactly what it sounds like: a handheld weight that shakes. The product mainly targets women, suggesting that the weight’s vibrations allow it to tone your body without adding bulk far more effectively than traditional hand weights.

People have always loved the idea that you could just shake to lose weight: after all, the less effort the better. And I’m not going to lie: the idea of a fairly light hand weight that did most of its work through vibration appealed to me. The weight doesn’t cost that much, so I figured what the heck — why not give it a try?

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Get in Shape and Save Money with this Home Gym

Lose Pounds for Pennies with a Home Gym

Did you know for less than $100, you can put together a home gym that is just as effective as those expensive gym memberships? It’s true. Don’t let the cost of expensive gyms keep you from achieving your goal of fitness and weight loss. Follow these tips and start working on the body you’ve always wanted.

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Find the Right Belly Dance Video

Always wondered about the fine art of belly dance? Find a belly dance video that will work for you

Want to try belly dancing but too nervous to sign up for a class? A belly dance video provides a fantastic option. After all, it gives you the opportunity to try some basic moves without paying too much money, investing in fancy equipment, or having to leave the comfort and security of your home.

As belly dancing becomes more popular, belly dance videos show up all over the place for beginners. But not all videos are created equal! So take a look at the pros and cons of some popular belly dancer videos aimed at beginners.

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Save Money on Gym Memberships — Work Out at Home

Get in shape at home and skip paying for gym memberships

When your budget gets tight, the luxury items, like gym memberships, are the first things to go. After all, if you’re watching every penny, who can afford the costs of an expensive gym. If this is the situation you’re in, don’t worry. With these free pieces of exercise equipment, you can cut gym membership cost and stay in tiptop shape right at home.

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Which Piece of Exercise Equipment Is Best For Losing Weight?

The Exercise Equipment No Weight-Loss Home Should Be Without

When I’m discussing health and exercise with our readers I’m often asked which piece of exercise equipment is the best. Which is the one that can magically transform even the most out of shape bodies into something worthy of being seen on Baywatch (if it were still airing). The answer isn’t cut and dry, but there is definitely one piece of exercise equipment no weight-conscious home should be without — and you might be surprised what it is.

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