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Raising Consumer Savvy Kids

A Weekly Allowance Can Teach Your Kids to be Consumer Savvy

If you are a parent, it can be even more important for you to be an example of a consumer savvy individual. As parents we are continually setting an example for our children. Our bad spending habits can rub off on our children and affect their financial stability during adulthood. It is impossible to expect that our children can enter the adult world without ever experiencing basic but important tasks such as budgeting. It is possible to teach your children to be consumer savvy by doing something that parents have been doing for decades-giving their children a weekly allowance.

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Does Your Child Have ADHD?

What Symptoms Should Parents Look for If They Suspect ADHD

Childhood ADHD, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a concern for many parents. Parents need to know what signs to look for if they suspect their son or daughter might have this disorder. Oftentimes, parents have a difficult time determining if their child’s behavior is typical childhood behavior or the result of a condition such as ADHD. The following information can help you tell the difference.

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