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Tips for Avoiding ATM Fees

ATM Fees Can Put a Dent in Your Bank Account

ATM fees can add up quickly. Many consumers don’t bother to take a look at how much money they are losing to ATM fees. If you have an ATM card and use it often, you might be surprised to learn just how much money you are losing to ATM fees. Below you’ll find some helpful suggestions for avoiding or at least reducing the number of ATM fees you pay.

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Tips for Maintaining Your Monthly Budget

Your Monthly Budget Can Improve If You Buy Store Brand Products

One way to trim money from your monthly budget is to take a look to see what expenses you can eliminate. One easy way to trim your expenses and not exceed your monthly budget is to purchase store brand names of popular products. It’s great if you can purchase a brand name product with a coupon, but when there aren’t any coupons available, buying store brand products can allow you to enjoy extra savings. By purchasing store brand products, you’ll definitely find that you can stretch your monthly budget further.

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How to Avoid Telemarketing Scams

Telemarketing scams are a constant in the consumer marketplace these days, so you should know how to recognize the signs.

Telemarketing scams represent an interesting species of fraud. The technology isn’t exactly new (telephony’s been in wide use for a century now), and yet people keep falling for these schemes. Why?

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Keep Your Eyes Open for Medicare Fraud

Unfortunately, unscrupulous people love to target the elderly, and the practice of Medicare fraud is becoming all too common.

Medicare fraud is one of those activities that make you shake your head in disgust, wondering how some people can sink so low just to make an illicit buck. What’s next, stealing from orphans?

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Are You Claiming Your Earned Income Tax Credit?

Everyone can use some tax savings; and if you make below a certain amount of income, the Earned Income Tax Credit can make a huge difference.

Next time tax season rolls around, don’t forget about the Earned Income Tax Credit, or you may deprive yourself of substantial taxes savings — to the tune of as much as $6,000. That may very well mean the difference between writing a check to the IRS, or receiving a big refund.

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Are Bank Checks Long For This Earth?

Are you still using bank checks to pay for everything? If so, why?

Before you order that next box of bank checks (whether from your financial institution or from an independent printer), stop and ask yourself: “Do I really need checks anymore?”

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How to Revoke a Power of Attorney

As handy as a power of attorney can be, you might someday find it necessary to revoke or cancel such a document. Here’s how to do so.

A while back, we took a look at the process of setting up a power of attorney — a durable legal instrument to allow someone else to handle your personal affairs and finances when you’re incapacitated or away from home. Well, it’s just as important to know how to revoke a POA when necessary.

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Spend More Now, Save Money Later

Sometimes, it’s best to spend more money on something than you have to — if it can help you save money later.

One thing we savvy consumers all have in common is the fact that we like to save money whenever we can. The problem is defining what “saving” really means. As I’ve noted in previous articles, sometimes you’re better off in the long run if you occasionally spend a little more cash than you’d like.

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How Would You Like to Retire as a Millionaire?

If you’re very careful and take full advantage of the retirement account concept, you really can retire as a millionaire

If you’re a savvy consumer (or any consumer at all, really), I doubt there’s a more rhetorical question than, “Do you want to retire as a millionaire?” Of course you do! Imagine never having to worry about money during your golden years!

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How to Set Up a Power of Attorney… Just In Case

If you’re ever incapacitated or away from home for a while, you’ll need to arrange a power of attorney so someone else can handle your affairs.

Most of us have heard the term “power of attorney,” but few of us have a clear idea of what it means. As a savvy consumer, however, you should make sure you understand the concept, just in case you need to assign someone the right to handle your personal affairs someday.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the basics.

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