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How to Survive a Pay Cut, Part II

Nobody wants to deal with a pay cut, but here are some tips for how to do so, just case

The very thought of receiving a pay cut sends shivers down the average worker’s spine, which is perfectly understandable. Most of us have worked very hard to get where we are today — so getting your salary slashed hurts more than just your personal bottom line. It hurts your pride and self-esteem, too.

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How to Survive a Pay Cut, Part I

Given the current economy, you may someday find yourself facing the harsh reality of a pay cut. Do you know how to respond?

Nobody wants to have to accept a pay cut, but it’s a lot better to have your salary slashed than to get a pink slip. And in these uncertain times, you may someday have to face such a depressing reality… assuming you haven’t already.

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A Quick Look at Internet Banks

Internet banks have recently made a relatively low-key appearance in the online world. Let’s take a look

Given the rapid evolution of the electronic economy, it’s not surprising that Internet banks have been popping up recently. In some cases, these are logical extensions of services already offered by financial institutions with a strong online presence; but a few are Internet-only banks.

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What You Should Know About Debt Settlement, Part II

Debt settlement may sound like the perfect solution to your financial problems… but it may hurt more than help

In Part I of this article, we looked at the scary concept of debt settlement. You may never need to worry about such a thing; but if your financial matters do happen to go awry, you ought to know how to handle yourself, especially if you hire a company to handle your settlement negotiations.

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What You Should Know About Debt Settlement, Part I

Are you considering working with a debt settlement firm to fix your credit? If so, tread very carefully

“Debt settlement,” like “bankruptcy,” is one of those terms no one likes to hear in reference to their finances. Now, if you’re a truly savvy consumer, you might think you’ll never have to worry about either… but nowadays, things are less certain on the economic front that they’ve been in decades.

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How to Avoid ATM Fees

Tired of being stuck with ATM fees when you need cash? Here are a few ways to avoid them

Automatic teller machines can be incredibly convenient devices, especially when you’re stuck without much-needed cash — but paying up to $5 in ATM fees to access your own money can be a real pain in the rear. It behooves you, then, to find ways to avoid sticking yourself with such fees.

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Your Rights Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Part II

Federal law limits how far businesses can go in their debt collection efforts. Are you aware of your rights?

Debt collection is a fact of life in any credit-based consumer economy, and there’s no doubt that it’s absolutely necessary. It’s so necessary, in fact, that some companies make it their primary business. However, some debt collectors can be too vigorous in their dunning.

Since 1978, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) has regulated what bill collectors can and can’t do in attempts to elicit payment. In Part I of this article, we introduced the FDCPA, and listed prohibited actions. This time, let’s look at the required actions…and the penalties for breaking the law.

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Your Rights Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Part I

Hounded by debt collectors? Fight them by being aware of your debt collection rights.

Even if you never expect to default on a bill, it’s still a good idea for you to know your debt collection rights, just in case. Admittedly, it’s not a pleasant subject to contemplate, but just about all of us have had to deal with dunning from bill collectors at one time or another.

You may have had a bad time of it, too; some bill collectors can be quite nasty. But the thing is, they’re not supposed to be — and that’s been the law of the land for decades. So in this two-part article, we’ll take a look at your debt collection rights under Federal law.

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Beware of False Economy

Some ideas may seem like great ways to save money, but they end up costing you. Here’s how to avoid the specter of false economy

If you’ve ever driven across town to save a nickel on a gallon of gas, then you’ve been a victim of false economy — that is, an action intended to save money that ends up costing even more money in the long run.

We savvy consumers occasionally run afoul of this type of behavior in our quest to save money. But don’t feel bad: governments tend to be even worse about it, and our bad decisions cost maybe a few bucks, not billions.

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Don’t Let Banking Fees Bleed You Dry!, Part II

Banking fees are starting to get outrageous, but if you’re careful, you can keep the bank from stealing your hard-earned money. Here’s how

Nowadays, your financial institution can create new banking fees out of thin air with nothing more than a letter — and more and more of them are doing it.

In Part I of this article, I explained how new regulations and poor management have prompted banks to start charging fees for things that used to be free. In the exciting conclusion, I’ll discuss a few ways you can avoid these fees.

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