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Get Ready for Tax Season

Tips for choosing a tax preparer you can trust

Taxes…income tax, state tax, federal tax, sales tax, property tax…makes you dizzy just thinking about it — doesn’t it? If you’re like me, it does. That’s why I always have a professional prepare my taxes each year. Hiring a professional tax preparer makes me feel safe — like I dotted all my i’s and crossed all my t’s.

Many people go this route for the same reasons I do, but if you’re not careful, you can end up with just as big a mess as if you did your taxes yourself. Here’s how to prevent this from happening and having a tax nightmare.

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Save Time and Money — Automate Your Finances

Follow these easy tips and never worry about your finances again

In today’s hectic world, it pays to do everything you can to save time and money. You can do just that by automating your finances. Many people aren’t aware of how much time and money they can save by switching to automation. Follow these tips for automating your finances and begin saving big today.

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Install Solar Panels and Save

Lower your utility costs by installing solar panels.

Wouldn’t you just love to get rid of all your bills? I think everyone would answer “yes” to that question. It often seems as if our lives revolve around paying bills. While we can’t get rid of all our bills, one bill we can greatly reduce is our electric bill. How?

Install solar panels and start seeing the savings in your bank account right away.

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Investing: It’s A Jungle Out There! How To Ride The Bulls AND The Bears

A Few Practical Tips On Investing

Have you considered investing, but figured that it is for people who have money to burn? Do you see the current condition of the stock market and cringe. Are you relieved that you didn’t sink money into that stock you’ve been watching, that is dropping in value every day? If so, consider this: investing is an excellent tool for building personal wealth for anyone — if done correctly.

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The American Recession: It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Are We Really In A Recession?

As fuel prices increase seemingly exponentially, and the United States’ economy weakens, economists are beginning to throw around a daunting term: recession. While some may have seen this coming as early as September 11, 2001, when the national stress level reached an all-time high, most of us can truly say that we noticed a difference following the devastation of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. As gas prices skyrocketed in response to the damage to the oil pipelines and refineries, consumer confidence started to crumble; little did we know how serious the situation would later become.

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How Online Banking Can Save You Money

More Reasons Why Online Banking Is a Must For Savvy Consumers

Savvy consumers save money whenever they can, which is why so many of us sign up for online banking services. From reduced mortgage rates to elimination of late fees or “mail missing” checks, there are dozens of reasons why online banking pays off. Still not convinced, consider these facts…

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Have You Finished Your Taxes Yet?

The Deadline For Income Taxes Is Right Around The Corner

If you haven’t yet completed your taxes, you don’t have much time. The deadline is right around the corner and procrastinators are going to find themselves scrambling through a complicated tax season with a tight deadline. If you still haven’t done your taxes, here are some things you need to consider…

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Financial Experts Aren’t Always Right

When Should You Ignore the Financial Experts?

No matter what day it is, any time you turn on the television you’ll undoubtedly find a few channels with so-called “experts” telling you everything from how to pick a private school to how to travel. While his or her advice is often well-intended, it’s not always applicable to every consumer. Before you listen to the financial experts, heed our expert advice.

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Are You Ready For Retirement?

Retirement May Come Quicker Than You Think

In today’s world, consumers are living beyond their means and debt is piling up fast. It’s not uncommon for a family to live from paycheck to paycheck, spending all they make on all they owe. But what happens during retirement? What happens when your income is no longer in the form of a weekly paycheck? If you haven’t been preparing for retirement (and even if you think you’re already prepared), there’s a website you need to visit.

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How Does Credit Really Work?

Bringing the World of Credit to Light

Almost every consumer understands the basics of credit. At the very least, we understand we must have good credit if we want to buy a car or a home. However, the waters start getting a bit murky once you begin digging much deeper than that. Fortunately, there’s a website with the sole purpose of clearing those waters and shedding light on the world of credit.

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