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A Finance Resource For Our UK Readers

Finance Made Easy

In the past, we’ve reviewed financial websites and credit card resources that have been very valuable for many of our visitors. Unfortunately, many of those sites haven’t had anything to offer our UK readers. Well, my friends, your turn has come. We’ve been asked to review a UK-based finance website that has quite a bit to offer.

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Financial Mistakes Can Present an Opportunity for Growth

Learn from Your Financial Mistakes

Part of being consumer savvy involves coming to terms with our past financial mistakes. It’s important to realize that financial mistakes do present an opportunity for growth and improvement. Don’t dread financial mistakes. That can only lead you to make more of them inadvertently due to the stress you put upon yourself. Embrace financial mistakes as a chance for you to learn and make better financial decisions in the future.

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Free Credit Reports are Not Always Free

How Can You Get a Copy of Your FREE Credit Report?

You’ve probably already heard by now that you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies. Locating a genuinely free credit report can take a bit of effort, as you’ll see below.

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So What’s The Prime Rate?

What Do You Know About The Prime Rate?

The Prime Rate… You may not think much about it unless you’re in the market for a mortgage or a loan. The fact of the matter is that the Prime Rate affects us in everyday aspects of our lives — more than many of us may realize. Fortunately, the Prime Rate doesn’t have to be a confusing mess. There’s a website that sheds quite a bit of light on the topic.

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Do Some Research before Donating to Charities

Tips for Donating to Charities

If you are interested in donating to charity you might find the following tips helpful. Donating to charity can be a great opportunity for you to share some of what you have with worthy causes and others who are less fortunate, but you should still be selective when you are determining what charities to send your hard earned money to. Be realistic too. You are probably not going to be able to donate to every charity that interests you, and you shouldn’t feel bad about declining to give to a particular charitable organization.

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Get Help with Your Credit Card Debt

Some Savvy Consumers Still Have Credit Card Debt

There are savvy consumers who still have credit card debt. Perhaps, they are now committed to a frugal lifestyle but previously made some very bad spending decisions and ended up in debt. Having credit card debt is not necessarily a problem, it’s what type of credit card debt you have that makes all the difference. Below you’ll find suggestions for making the most of your situation and reducing the burden of having credit card debt.

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Ever Hear Of The Complete Tightwad Gazette?

Saving Money Has Never Been Easier Thanks To The Complete Tightwad Gazette!

Sometimes saving money is simply a matter of knowing where to look for money-saving tips. We’ve provided you with many tips to stretch your dollars further, and when we find a valuable resource out there we let you know that too. That’s what we’re going to do today, fill you in on an unbelievable resource. Saving money has never been easier with The CompleteTightwad Gazette.

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Where Do You Go For UK Mortgages?

Demystifying The Complex World of UK Mortgages

Getting info on UK mortgages can be quite the undertaking, especially if you live stateside. Getting the wrong mortgage can mean significant financial loss and even repossession (foreclosure). If you’re considering the purchase of UK real estate and you want information on the different UK mortgages available, you’re going to want to read our review about a very helpful UK mortgage information website.

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Consumer Savvy Views on Money

What Do Consumer Savvy Individuals Think about Money?

Part of maintaining a budget and being consumer savvy isn’t about simply adjusting your spending habits, it’s about adjusting your attitudes about money. How you feel about money is in part the result of what you learned about money growing up. If you experienced your parents arguing over money, that experience is certainly going to affect how you feel about money. If you heard the words, “We can’t afford that” very frequently then you might now have a feeling of deprivation when you don’t purchase something you really want. If you want to be consumer savvy, you need to view money differently.

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Consumer Savvy Ways to Save Money

Learn the Tricks that Consumer Savvy Individuals Know by Heart

Being consumer savvy in the New Year is easy if you follow the advice below. As the year 2007 progresses, keep in mind the following advice when you are cleaning your house. We live in a society where things are highly disposable. If something doesn’t work, we can just throw it out and buy a new item rather than fix it. This mentality leads many consumers to throw away items that actually can be useful. Just because you don’t need something anymore doesn’t mean someone else can’t use it. Are you throwing away treasure?

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