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Earn Money by Bicycle Commuting

Believe it or not, the government will pay you to ride your bike to work if you take advantage of a new bicycle commuting program.

Did you know that bicycle commuting can earn you money? Sounds like a flight of fancy, doesn’t it? But thanks to a new government program, it can actually happen. Oh, you won’t get a lot of money, but you can get enough to cover most of your basic bicycle maintenance.

Now, we realize that this isn’t something that most people are going to be able to take advantage of, but there does exist a sizable population of bicycle commuters out there — and we suspect that number is only going to grow, as gas prices rise again and cities become more bike-friendly by the day.

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Do You Know What You Should About Local Elections?

Local Elections Are Coming Up — Be Prepared!

The city where I live will hold local elections on April 1st. As I was talking to one of our younger neighbors I asked her who she would like to see become alderman of our district. To my surprise, she had no idea what an alderman was or why she should vote. That got me thinking… How many people don’t know what an alderman is? That was a scary thought. Before your local elections take place, here are some key positions you need to be familiar with.

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