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4 Tips for Choosing a Baby Crib that is Safe for Your New Baby

Think carefully before you choose a baby crib — follow these tips

Buying your new baby a baby crib can be fun and exciting. After all, it is where your precious little bundle will sleep. Gone are the pioneer days of bringing home the baby and letting it sleep in dresser drawers. Today babies get their own specially decorated rooms.

Preparing a special nursery? Be sure you choose the right crib, read these essential child safety tips.

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Is Your Hand Sanitizer Effective in the War Against Germs?

Learn the truth about the effectiveness of your hand sanitizer

Are you a hand sanitizer addict? Do you whip out the sanitizer every time you touch doors knobs, gas pumps, turnstiles, handrails, and light switches? If you are, you are not alone. Many people are concerned about the spreading of germs, especially during flu season and have chosen to use an antibacterial hand sanitizer. The question is, do they work?

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Clean to Prevent Swine Flu

Looking to prevent swine flu? These cleaning tips will help you out

We all want to prevent swine flu, and cleaning is the way to do it. The main point authorities and experts are hammering home, of course, is personal hygiene: wash your hands, do it often, and do it well — that means fifteen to twenty seconds of rubbing soap into your hands beneath warm water (for younger children, coach them to sing the ABC song while they wash their hands).

But your home and office are a concern, too. Bacteria can survive and remain infectious for between 2 and 8 hours on surfaces as varied as a doorknob, a piece of paper, or, yes, a bathroom tap.

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Protect Your Children from Head Lice this School Year

Learn to prevent and control head lice

School can mean many things: learning, fun, friends, and… head lice. There’s just no two ways around it. When you have a large group of children together, an outbreak of head lice at one time or another is almost inevitable. Learn how to prevent, detect, and get rid of head lice.

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Keep Your Children Safe — Test for Lead in Children’s Toys

Top tips for finding lead in children’s toys

Lead in children’s toys is a hazard and an ongoing concern for parents. If you’re confused about which toys are safe and want to know how to avoid dangerous toys, follow these tips.

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Are Energy Drink Ingredients Harmful?

Learn about energy drink ingredients before you buy

Energy drink ingredients — are they healthy or harmful? Not many people stop and consider this before buying and drinking them, but maybe it’s time to take a second and learn about what you are ingesting before you get your next burst of energy from a bottle.

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Use Home Lead Testing Kits to Keep Your Family Safe

Better safe than sorry. Here’s how lead testing kits can protect the health of your family

Nothing is more important than your family’s health. Lead testing kits check your home for lead. Rest easy knowing that you’ve done all you can to prevent lead poisoning.

Although lead paint was made illegal for homes in 1978, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, hundreds of thousands of children in the United States have elevated levels of lead in their blood.

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What You Need to Know Before Trying Alternative Treatments

Don’t put your health at risk. Follow these tips on alternative treatments

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a critical illness or are having your yearly bout with allergies, there are some things you need to be aware of before trying alternative treatments. Follow these tips and protect your health.

It’s human nature to question the treatment and advice you get from your physician. Should I take the medication he recommends? Is this the best treatment for my condition? Are the side effects of this medication worth the risk?

All of these questions and many more run through your head when making health decisions. Because of strong medications often prescribed by physicians and the potential side effects, many people turn to alternative treatments instead of mainstream treatments. The decision is up to each individual, but before you decide to stray from the traditional medical path, follow these tips to ensure your safety and health.

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

What happens if you don’t have pet insurance?

Is pet insurance worth it? That depends. Before you answer this question, consider what would happen if your pet is seriously ill or injured and you don’t have insurance.

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Use these 5 Tips and Save on Contact Lenses

Get the best lenses for the least amount of money

Looking for ways to save on contact lenses? Here are 5 tips to help you make sure you are getting the best buy and the best quality.

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