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Buying a Home? Follow These 7 Money Saving Tips

Learn how to save as much as possible when buying a home

Everyone knows buying a home is expensive. But did you know there are ways you can cut costs, get the best mortgage rates, and find creative ways to finance your home? Follow these home buying tips and save.

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Is a Pellet Stove Worth Buying?

Learn the pros and cons of a pellet stove

Utility costs are skyrocketing – salaries are plunging. Is a pellet stove the answer to your high utility costs and a way to make the most of your money? That depends. Learn the pros and cons of these popular stoves and see if they work for you.

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Dealing with Ice Dams in Your Rain Gutters

If you live north of the Mason-Dixon line ice dams in your rain gutters are an annoying winter reality

While handy in protecting your petunias, your rain gutters are relatively fragile… and depending on where you live, they’re likely to be blocked by leaf dams in the fall and ice dams in the winter. So how’s a gutter supposed to do its job?

Of the two types of blockages, ice is the more damaging, because water expands when it freezes. The result? Dented, cracked gutters that are likely to fail much sooner than those fortunate gutters that live in more southerly climes. So let’s look at a few basic ways to handle these icy, flow impeding dams.

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Which Humidifier is Right for Your Family?

Humidifiers are beneficial to your family’s health — but only if you buy the right type

Dry, itchy eyes? Sore throat? Asthma? You may need a humidifier. If it’s wintertime, you run your heat to stay warm. But if have any of these symptoms, you probably need a home humidifier. Homes need to maintain a 30% to 50% humidity level for not only the health of that people that live there, but also for the health of your home.

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How to Save a Few Bucks on Your Winter Heating Bill

Heating bill got you down this winter? Save a little cash this year

American households spend an average of $2,000 a year on heating and cooling, and a substantial portion of that’s taken up by the winter heating bill. Fortunately, there are some fairly simple ways to save money on your winter heating, whether you use electricity or gas, and I’ll outline them here.

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Buy the Best Snow Blower for Your Money

Need a new snow blower? Know what you’re looking for

The only thing worse than a snow blower that won’t work is shoveling the driveway because the snow blower won’t work. To avoid this and actually look forward to the snow, follow these tips to buying the best snow blower that fits your needs and your budget.

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Are Your Rain Gutters Doing Their Job?

Know when to replace your gutters

Are your gutters working properly? This probably isn’t something you lose sleep over at night. But maybe you should. When your gutters have damage and aren’t working the way they should, they can cause hidden damage to your biggest investment — your home. Use this checklist and maintain your gutters to protect your home.

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Home Inventory — Are You Ready if Disaster Strikes?

Create a home inventory and sail smoothly through any disaster that comes your way

Michele never really thought a home inventory would help her…but it did. Following advice from parents, she put together a list of all the items she owned — things like TVs, microwave, DVD player, cameras, and jewelry never dreaming she would ever really need it. Imagine her unpleasant surprise when she came home from work to discover thieves had ransacked her home and stolen everything valuable she ever owned.

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Save Money in the Long Run with Recycled Mulch

While a little more expensive than organic mulch, recycled mulch made from pre-used rubber provides interesting advantages

You’re used to recycled paper, recycled cardboard, recycled plastics, maybe even recycled paint…but how about recycled mulch?

Now, that may sound kind like repetitive redundancy, since all mulch is, by definition, recycled. But this type of mulch was never organic in the first place, unlike most mulches you see at Home Depot. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

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Top 4 Tips for Healthy Houseplants

Learn to how to choose the right houseplants for your home and care for them

Houseplants make a home complete. They add the finishing touches to your d├ęcor and give your home that cozy and homey feeling everyone loves. If you’ve tried growing houseplants in the past with little luck, don’t get discouraged. You don’t need a ‘green thumb’ to have beautiful houseplants; just follow these 4 tips.

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