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Simple Ways to Save Money on Insurance

Looking for ways to save money on insurance? Here are a few simple ideas

If you’re like most Americans, you’d like to save money on insurance… but you want to be cautious, too. After all, what’s the point of pinching pennies if you end up with a useless policy that eventually costs you more than you’ve saved?

Fear not, because there are simple ways to save money on your insurance policies that won’t preclude you from maintaining excellent coverage. They don’t work so well for health insurance (that’s kind of stacked against you anyway), but as our British friends might say, they work a treat for other forms of insurance.

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Home Inventory — Are You Ready if Disaster Strikes?

Create a home inventory and sail smoothly through any disaster that comes your way

Michele never really thought a home inventory would help her…but it did. Following advice from parents, she put together a list of all the items she owned — things like TVs, microwave, DVD player, cameras, and jewelry never dreaming she would ever really need it. Imagine her unpleasant surprise when she came home from work to discover thieves had ransacked her home and stolen everything valuable she ever owned.

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Does Your Life Insurance Really Have You Covered?

Learn how to protect yourself and your family against life insurance failure

If your loved ones depend on you for financial support, you need life insurance. Without insurance, your family will not be able to support themselves in the event of your death and suffer a drastic drop in quality of life. Most Americans realize this and do their very best to provide for their family. But what happens if you have life insurance only to have the life insurance company fail?

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The Real Cost of Renter’s Insurance — Priceless

Do you really need renter’s insurance? Find out

Is renter’s insurance really necessary? Ask the majority of renters that question and you’ll get a resounding ‘no’. Most renters feel they don’t need insurance because the odds are in their favor. They feel it’s too expensive or their landlord has insurance. Let’s look at each of these thoughts to decide if renter insurance is necessary.

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Cheap Car Insurance for Teens — Possible?

If you think getting cheap car insurance for teens is impossible, think again! Read these 5 tips

Cheap car insurance for teens seems like an impossible dream. With teenage drivers twice as likely to be involved in an auto accident than a driver over the age of 25, there’s no wonder auto insurance is sky high. But don’t give up. Read these five tips to learn how to cut your insurance costs while insuring your teenager.

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When’s The Last Time You Requested An Insurance Quote?

Learn the Benefits of Requesting an Annual Insurance Quote

If you are skeptical that you’re getting the best rates on all of your insurance needs, whether it is life insurance, car insurance, or renter’s insurance, you probably would benefit from requesting an annual insurance quote. Most companies will offer a free insurance quote to inquiring customers, so take advantage of this offer in order to determine if your current rates are reasonable or if you’re paying way too much.

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Health Insurance: Can’t Afford to Live With It, Can’t Afford to Live Without It

Is Health Insurance Out of the Question for the Self-Employed and Un-Employed?

The cost of health insurance is enough to kill you. If you’ve ever gotten a quote for private health insurance, you know what I mean. The sticker shock itself is enough to give you a heart attack. So what is a self-employed individual or an un-employed individual to do? Are you destined to live without health insurance coverage, playing Russian roulette with your health and your financial security?

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Is Your Credit Rating Affecting Your Insurance Premium?

Your Credit Rating May Cost You Money

We all know that our credit rating can affect how much interest we pay on car loans and credit cards, but did you know that your credit rating may also be affecting how much you pay for your insurance? Believe it or not, how your credit report looks can indeed affect your insurance premiums.

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Shopping For Car Insurance

Shopping for car insurance has just gotten much easier.

If you think shopping for car insurance involves calling multiple agents, giving each of them your information and then waiting for them to get back to you with quotes, think again. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, shopping for car insurance has gotten much, much easier.

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