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Five Christmas Websites You Absolutely Have To Visit

Simplify This Christmas Season with Advice and Tips from Four of the Web’s Best Christmas Websites

It is so easy to get stressed out during the Christmas season. With all the holiday shopping, planning, and baking we all need to do, sometimes we are pushed well beyond our limits. Being overstressed can oftentimes lead to overspending. That is why it’s sometimes helpful to rely on others to make our Christmastime tasks easier. Luckily, there are several Christmas websites that do just that.

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What You Should Know About Web Hosting

Not All Web Hosting Is Created Equal

Oftentimes I love to embark on website adventures. I’ll build a website, see how much of a profit it can make and then I’d sell it when I grow bored. Usually the websites I create are spur-of-the moment ideas. Sometimes they’re very profitable ideas that I just don’t have the time to implement. However, what I have learned from all of my website experience is that not all web hosting is the same and if you want a website to truly succeed, there are some things you want to look for in a web hosting company.

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Tired of Spam?

There Is A Way to Get Back At Spammers

How many times have you woken up to countless emails in your inbox — emails you didn’t want and never asked for? Welcome to the world of spam. In my opinion, spam is the single most disgusting and obnoxious marketing method on Earth and many people who receive spam feel helpless to do anything about it. Fortunately, you can fight spammers — you just need to know how.

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The Lowdown on Internet Dating Sites

Do Internet Dating Sites Really Work?

It wasn’t too long after the advent of the Internet that people began using the Internet dating sites in hopes of finding their soul mates. But do Internet dating sites really work, or are they just another means for money-hungry sharks to get their hands on your cold-hard cash?

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Getting to the Bottom of Email Security Issues

Is Your Email Security Really Effective?

About two years ago I had a laptop that got infected with a virus that came through an email. At that time I didn’t really think too much about email security, but after that virus trashed that laptop I decided that email security should become a priority. But what steps do we need to take to ensure our email is truly secure? The answer may surprise you.

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Do You Know What You’re Child is Doing on the Internet?

The Internet Isn’t a Safe Place for Our Kids

When the Internet first began to grow, we never could have anticipated the danger that it would bring right into our very homes. After all, how could something a simple as a computer put our children at risk of injury and abduction? In fact, back in the early nineties, if you would have told someone that the Internet was a dangerous place, they would have laughed at you. That’s definitely no longer the case.

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What’s the Deal with Do-It-Yourself LASIK Surgery?

Can You Really Save Thousands By Doing LASIK Surgery Yourself?

I’ve worn glasses and contacts since my childhood and I’ve seriously considered LASIK surgery. The only thing keeping me from opting for the surgery so far has been the cost and the fact that it’s not covered by insurance. Naturally, when I heard that there was a website selling do-it-yourself LASIK surgery kits for less than $100 I was intrigued. Could something as serious as LASIK surgery really be done by the masses from the comfort of home?

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Are Points Programs Worth the Time?

Earning Rewards with Points Programs

The concept of web-based points programs isn’t a new one — they’ve been around for a few years. With points programs you basically read emails, respond to offers, shop or surf the web in exchange for points. Then, when you accumulate a certain number of points, you can exchange them for cash or prizes. There are number of points programs available on the web, but are these points programs really worth the time and effort?

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Spam: Conquering the Nightmare

What to Do About Spam

Each and every day you’re getting an inbox filled with soliciting emails you don’t want and you never asked for. You thought that there was a law against spam, but now you’re not so sure. After all, how can these companies continue to spam you if there’s a law against it? Believe it or not, spam is a big Internet no-no, but you have to know how to report it if you want to do anything about it.

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Avoiding an Internet Troll

What Internet Troll is and How to Handle One

You’re in an Internet chat room or on an Internet message board having a great time. You’re minding your own business and behaving like a responsible adult. Suddenly, there’s someone there attacking you, being downright rude and insulting. Did you do something wrong? If you didn’t do anything wrong, chances are you’ve just been the victim of an Internet troll.

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