Keep Your Computer Updated for Your Own Sake

Keeping Your Computer Updated Can Save You Future Headaches

Many of us are fully entrenched in the world of computers. We use them for business and for our personal pleasure. Since this is the case, staying up-to-date on various computer applications and Operating Systems is vitally important for all of us.

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Use Pet Safe Salt This Winter

Pet Safe Salt Is Better for Everyone

If you live in a colder climate where winter involves wind, ice and snow, you probably use salt on your driveway and sidewalks. There are probably also a few pet owners who walk their dogs past your property. But did you know that the salt that you’re using to de-ice your driveway and sidewalks can be doing damage to the pets that walk on it?

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So What’s Your Life Expectancy?

Do You Know What Your Life Expectancy Is?

Many of us wish we could glimpse into the future and see what ripe old age we’ll live to. Guess what? You can!

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The Benefits of Fish Oil without the Dangers of Fish

How to Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Fish Oil

The USDA’s food pyramid recommends that you eat three fish that are very high in mercury. Why would they be doing this? Because of the fish oil that the fish contain. But how can you get the benefits of the fish oil without the mercury contained in the fish?

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Getting Out of Holiday Debt

How to Get Out of Holiday Debt Without Putting Your Life on Hold

If you’re like most people, you incurred a bit of debt this holiday season. From a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, millions of people went into debt this holiday season, so you’re not alone. The question is, how do you get out of holiday debt with as little pain as possible?

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Negotiate Better Deals This New Year

How to Get Better Deals This Year

It’s a New Year and time for new deals. This year make a resolution to never pay full price again! Check out our money-saving tips for 2006.

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Three Ways to Save Money on Natural Gas Energy Costs

How to Save Money on Natural Gas Energy Costs

Looking for ways to save money on natural gas energy costs? Look no further. We have three tips that are sure to save you big bucks on your natural gas energy costs.

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Hybrid Cars Can Save You More than Just Gas Money

Hybrid Car Owners Enjoy New Savings

If you’re thinking about buying a hybrid car, your reasons for doing so may just have gotten greater. Not only can you save gas money when owning a hybrid car, but you can take a nice tax deduction and you can also now save money on insurance.

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Do Pheromones Really Work?

The Truth about Human Pheromones

You’ve probably seen ads promising you that you can get the man or woman of your dreams by simply wearing a certain perfume, cologne or oil concentrated with human pheromones. But do these products really work and if so, how effective are they?

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An Online Degree: Fact or Fiction?

Can You Really Get a Legitimate Online Degree?

There are ads all over the place promising you that you can get on online degree in as little as a few months, some even say a few weeks. But can you really get an online degree in such a short period of time and will the online degree be legitimate if you do?

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