How to Make an Emergency Lamp from a Soda Can

A soda can probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you consider building an emergency lamp — but it works

Did you know you can make an emergency lamp from little more than an aluminum soda can? It’s true! And it’s a good skill to learn, just in case. While every house should have at least a few emergency supplies stashed away, you can’t always guarantee that things will be as they should be.

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In Praise of Wood Chips

Wood chips are among the most versatile and inexpensive materials you can use around the yard and garden

If you’ve got some landscaping to do around your house, don’t forget the wood chips! It’s amazing how useful they are, and the best thing is that they cost next to nothing: they’re the natural result of yard cleanup, and many municipalities will give them to you for free if you’ll just ask.

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Cheap Household Cleansers You Might Try

You don’t have to pay through the nose for expensive chemical cleansers, when you can get cheap household cleansers at the dollar store

Cleaning is a category where you can really save some cash, if you’re willing to back away from the expensive options and consider a few cheap household cleansers instead. Most of these are items you already have in your home… but you may never have thought of them in this capacity.

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Saving Money on Calendars, Part II

Ever thought of saving money on calendars? Here’s how to do it.

Saving money on calendars isn’t all that hard, if you’re willing to make a bit of effort and you’re not worried about pretty pictures or pesky little things like the calendar being brand new. In Part I of this article, I outlined one way to save money — using calendars from previous years — and why that works.

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Saving Money on Calendars, Part I

Here are a few ways of saving money on calendars that you may not have thought of!

Have you ever considered the possibility of saving money on calendars? Admittedly, at first glance this might seem like a negligible way to save money; but then again, saving a few bucks here and there can make a real difference.

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More Simple Sunburn Treatment

Here are a few more simple home sunburn treatment options

As long as there’s a blazing ball of nuclear fusion hanging in the daytime sky, we’ll need sunburn treatment options to heal those who decide to expose their tender skin to it. Fortunately, those treatments don’t have to be especially high-tech or expensive; some, in fact, are surprisingly simple.

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Tipping: Some Reasonable Guidelines

These days, tipping is more or less expected in some retail establishments. Here are some ways you can save money on the practice

If you’ve ever worked in a service environment, then you’re probably all for tipping. Nothing feels better, after all, than getting a little bit of extra money for doing a good job of making a customer happy.

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Money Saving Microwave Tips and Tricks

The microwave is more than just a time saver. With these microwave tips and tricks, you can save money, too

While Martha Stewart has been known to sneer at the very idea of owning a microwave, she just might change her mind if she ever learns about these microwave tips and tricks. You see, that little nuclear-powered box on your kitchen counter can save you a surprising amount of cash.

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Cut Your Child’s Hair to Save Money

Need to save a few bucks? Learn to cut your child’s hair

Now, I may stand accused of being a skinflint or a tightwad for suggesting you cut your child’s hair, but let me ask you this: what’s wrong with being a skinflint or a tightwad? After all, this site’s about being cash-savvy; and in these days of the shrinking dollar, that’s more important than ever.

Besides, what would you rather spend that $20 on: a haircut that’ll grow out in a month, or another bag of groceries?

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Pyrethrum: A Safe Bug-Killer You Can Make Yourself

Pyrethrum is safe for pets and humans, but it kills harmful insects dead — and you can make it yourself

The perennial flower called the pyrethrum daisy, which is actually a kind of chrysanthemum, offers more than ephemeral beauty: the flowers produce a potent pesticide that kills insect pests while leaving most beneficial insects alone. Even better, it’s safe for use around kids and pets.

And guess what? You can make it yourself without much effort at all!

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