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Save Money on Pet Medications

Don’t Spend an Arm and Leg on Pet Medications

If you have a pet, chances are at some point in the lifetime of that pet you’re going to find yourself in need of pet medications. Whether it be flea prevention, heartworm prevention or pet medications like antibiotics, when the time comes, you might be surprised at just how much those pet medications can add up to. The question is, what can you do to defray the costs of pet medications? We’ve got the answers.

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How to Make a Perfectly Adequate Pet Bed

Instead of paying $50-100 for a new pet bed, why not just make one yourself?

If you’ve priced a pet bed lately, then you’ve probably gone away with sticker shock. We all love our fur-kids, but the pet stores seem to think we’ll pay just about any price for the cachet of a well-known brand name on Fluffy’s pillow.

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Adopt a Pet from the Pound, and Save Some Dollars

Instead of spending big bucks for a purebred, why not adopt a pet from your local animal shelter?

The next time you decide to adopt a pet, may we suggest that you check in at a nearby animal shelter before you finalize your decision?

Now, you may wonder what such a decision has to do with being a savvy consumer. Well, aside from the wide selection, and the fact that you may just fall in love with a loveable mutt or an adorable kitty right away, and all humanitarian considerations aside… it’s just plain economical.

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An Organic Solution for Feline Ear Mites

Think you need to run to the vet for expensive meds to treat your cat’s ear mites? Think again.

Let’s say your cat comes down with ear mites, a fairly common occurrence. That means you have to visit the veterinarian for some medication to pour in her ears, right?

Actually, no. It’s not hard to create an organic ear mite solution that’ll knock that infection right out. It’s cheap, too, which makes it ideal for the savvy consumer and the green living advocate alike. It’s up to you to figure out how to hold down your cat while you apply it… but then, that’s always a problem.

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How to Set Up a Pet Fund

If you’ve got companion animals, then you know that taking them to the vet can cost a pretty penny. Why not set up a pet fund to defray the cost?

If you have pets (and most Americans do), then setting up a household pet fund makes a lot of sense. This little contingency fund doesn’t have to be fancy, and it doesn’t need to cost you much, either… except maybe a little change, and possibly a bit of exercise.

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Is Your Cat Food Hurting Your Cat?

Use this guide and ensure you feed your cat the best cat food for health and nutrition

The importance of cat food can’t be underestimated. Feeding your cat low-quality food results in poor growth, dry hair, dandruff, low energy, and a compromised immune system. Follow these guidelines to learn how to feed your cat the best food possible.

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Kitty’s Crumble: Is The Newest Cat Litter the Best Cat Litter?

A review of the newest cat litter to hit the market, Kitty’s Crumble.

In my search for environmentally responsible cat litters, I stumbled across Kitty’s Crumble one afternoon in my local pet store and thought I’d give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by how it well it worked and thought I’d test it out a bit more to see if it really was as fantastic as it initially seemed. Here’s how it holds up!

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Details and Verdicts on the Cat Emery Board

Thinking about getting the cat emery board? Read this first

In theory, the cat emery board is a clever idea. Cats like to scratch things, and typically their owners try to redirect that instinct towards their toys and away from the furniture. The sharper a cat’s claws are, the more damage they can do with their scratching (both to things and people). So this company decided, why not let the cats scratch on an emery cat board? They can trim their own nails while enjoying themselves.

A nice idea — but does it work?

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Know These 8 Common Poisons and Hazards to Keep Your Pet Safe

Protect your pet from these everyday poisons and hazards in your home

Your pet is special to you. After all, who else loves you unconditionally, is always glad to see you, and doesn’t judge you? You can’t always depend on people to treat you like this, but your pet does. It’s up to you to treat your pet well and watch out for his safety. Learn these common items, poisons and hazards and keep your pet safe.

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3 Tips for Choosing a Great Family Dog

Choose a family dog for your family with these 3 tips

You’re in the market for a new family dog. Everybody is excited about the new addition to the family. But before you snatch up just any old dog, be sure you make the right choice by following these tips.

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