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Printable Grocery Coupons: Worth the Effort?

Printable grocery coupons seem like a good idea, but some stores just won’t take them.

Printable grocery coupons have been offered on the Internet for almost two decades now — basically for as long as the ‘Net’s been a widespread and popular phenomenon. Unfortunately, they’ve always been an iffy proposition for consumers, because many retailers won’t take them.

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How to Shop an Estate Sale

A garage sale is a great place to find bargains, but an estate sale can be even better.

If you’re a savvy consumer looking for excellent deals on everything from dinnerware to fishing trophies, it’s hard to do better than an estate sale.

If you’ve never been to one, imagine the best garage sale you’ve ever attended, with all manner of things for sale — not just piles of clothes, baby toys, and all the other junk people want to get rid of. Then add the best elements of a public auction and flea market, mix thoroughly, and serve.

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Coupons: What Not to Do

Coupons are great, and they can save you some real bucks if you use them wisely. If you forget to, well…

It’s obvious that handing the grocery clerk a stack of coupons worth a few dollars off your total purchase means you’re saving money, right?

Well… are you sure about that?

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Keep An Eye Out for Product Recalls

As a savvy consumer, you should always keep an eye open for product recalls.

Given the huge economy we enjoy here in the U.S. (and the watchdog organizations that keep an eye on it), it’s inevitable that there would be fairly frequent product recalls. They’ve affected us all at some time or another, generally because something didn’t go right with a common product.

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Swapping Your Way to Savings

Have you ever considered swapping things you have for things you need? Here are a few tips to get you started.

We humans have been swapping things from time immemorial, ever since Ugg the Caveman traded a shiny rock to his pal Bob for a chunk of meat.

And really, when you get right down to it, the swap is the basis of most economic systems, no matter how we may dress it up. Think about it: when you work at your job, don’t you swap your time and energy for a paycheck?

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How to Save Money on Jewelry

Want to increase the size of your bling collection without going broke? Here are a few simple ways to save on jewelry

If you’re looking to save money on jewelry, you’ve got a goldmine of options, especially since the advent of the Internet. Really, there’s no excuse for the frugal to pay too much for accessories. So let’s take a look at some great ways to get your bling on without overpaying, shall we?

Now, let me emphasize that we’re talking real jewelry here: items made of previous metals and stones, not discount store costume jewelry. Though if that’s your thing, more power to you!

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Super, Simple Christmas Savings

You can exercise your Christmas savings muscles without going all Scrooge on the world. Here’s how

For many people, the concept of “Christmas savings” means putting money aside in a special bank account so you can buy gifts when the holidays roll around. That’s a good idea, but we’ve got a few ways you can save money on the fly during Yuletide.

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Are You Spending Too Much on Clothes?

If the money you’re spending on clothes is sucking your budget, try this

Are you a clothes shopaholic? Do you have clothes hanging in your closet that still have the price tags? Do you have shoes you’ve never worn? Do you have jewelry you didn’t know you had?

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Save Money on Shoes

Don’t pay top dollar for shoes. Ask these 3 questions before you buy your next pair

Are you tired of paying top dollar for shoes? Of course, shoes are a necessity in our society, but while you must wear and buy them, there’s no reason for a large chunk of your budget to be going to shoes. Here are the three questions to ask yourself before buy your next pair of shoes.

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Don’t Waste That Gift Card!

Learn how to turn your unwanted gift card into cash quickly and easily

Gift cards are popular gifts to give and to get. I bet you have a few in your wallet right now. If you have a gift card or two or three that you know you’ll never use, don’t look at it as a ‘wasted’ gift. Instead, cash those cards in.

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