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The Use of a Deer Whistle

Should you bother to invest in a deer whistle for your car?

If you live anywhere with deer, you’ve probably heard of a deer whistle. Deer cause more car accidents than just about anything else in a given year. These animals are so cautious you rarely see them in the wild, but they tear out of the bushes, charge into the highway, and bravely face down a charging semi. Go figure.

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Cut Costs — Save on Your Living Expenses with These Tips

Regain control of your living expenses with these tips

Cutting your living expenses is important — not just during tough economic times but at all times. Whether you need to cut costs due to job loss or to save for that future retirement, you’ll find these tips will help you save big.

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7 Tips for Making Money with Garage Sales

Rake in the dough with these tips for garage sales

Whether you choose to have a garage sale to clear out clutter, or you need to make some extra money, you’ll have no problems when you follow these 7 easy garage sale tips. Use these tips for ideas to draw a crowd, organize, advertise, and price your treasures.

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Are Success Seminars Worth the Price?

Evaluating The Effectiveness of Success Seminars

Success seminars are plentiful, but they can indeed be costly. You might be wondering if the fee to attend the various success seminars are worth what you’ll receive in return. If you’re serious about a successful future, there are some things about success seminars that you need to know.

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Saving Money and Getting Organized with a Personal Planner

How a Personal Planner Can Help You Save Money

Getting organized is a helpful way to save money — and a personal planner can help you do just that. Most savvy consumers are super organized because they realize that it simplifies their lives and allows them to save money in the process. When you are disorganized you end up spending more money, mainly because you lose things and have to buy replacements. It’s also easy to get frustrated when you are disorganized, and you may compensate by overspending in order to feel better about yourself — which makes saving money even harder. If you’re wondering how a personal planner can solve these problems, read on…

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What You Should Know About Web Hosting

Not All Web Hosting Is Created Equal

Oftentimes I love to embark on website adventures. I’ll build a website, see how much of a profit it can make and then I’d sell it when I grow bored. Usually the websites I create are spur-of-the moment ideas. Sometimes they’re very profitable ideas that I just don’t have the time to implement. However, what I have learned from all of my website experience is that not all web hosting is the same and if you want a website to truly succeed, there are some things you want to look for in a web hosting company.

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Have Trouble Making Decisions?

Let A Free New Program Make Decisions For You

Are you one of those people who find that making decisions isn’t as easy for you as it seems to be for everyone else? Do you frequently find yourself hemming and hawing, not sure which way to go in regards to a decision you need to make? If this describes you, you’ll be pleased to know there’s actually an online program that can help you make decisions in record time. No, it’s not a magic 8 ball, it’s a tried-and-true method that really works, and it’s free!

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Is Your Credit Rating Affecting Your Job Search?

Your Credit Rating and Employment Eligibility

Well, we’ve discussed how a poor credit rating can increase the interest you pay and even increase your insurance premiums, but did you know that your credit rating can also have an effect on your job search? Believe it or not, more and more employers are using a job candidate’s credit rating to help determine which candidate is best for the job.

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Is a Life Coach for You?

A Life Coach Can Make a World of Difference in Your Life

So your life is lacking a bit of direction is it? Gone are the days when you were destined to wander this world endlessly looking for some direction. Nowadays you can enlist the services of a life coach to help you determine what’s important to you, where your life should go, and most importantly, how to get there. But is a life coach right for you and how do you choose one?

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Can Google Adsense Really Make You Rich?

Getting to the bottom of Google Adsense.

You see them on the Internet every day and you probably get an inbox full of them — ads promising to make you rich through Google’s Adsense program. But do these programs really work? Can you really become wealthy by simply using Google Adsense?

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