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How to Score Cheap Airline Flights

Finding good, cheap airline flights requires patience, and a general knowledge of the factors involved. Here are some pointers.

When it comes to online travel sites, everyone and their brother will tell you they can get you the best cheap airline flights to just about anywhere in the world. Obviously, they can’t all be right; and while they can usually get you a decent deal, they might not get you the best one.

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Save on Travel Costs with Hotel Loyalty Programs

If you travel a lot, be sure to tap into hotel loyalty programs. Even if you’re not paying the bill, you can still reap the benefits!

If you travel a lot and don’t take advantage of hotel loyalty programs, you’re missing out on some serious savings. Trust me: there was a time when I was traveling 10 days out of every 14, and at first, I didn’t know how badly I was mistreating myself by ignoring loyalty programs.

Admittedly, my company was paying for the hotel rooms, but when I finally discovered what I was missing, I felt like a huge doofus.

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Digging Up Travel Bargains Is Worth the Effort

You can save a lot of cash with travel bargains, if you’re willing to do your homework.

Travel bargains are natural grist for the savvy consumer’s mill… even if you’re like me, and you’re already putting all your other savvy savings into a vacation fund. For every buck I save by recycling aluminum or cutting my light bill, I get that much closer to the cruise I’m saving for.

You see, saving money isn’t just about being a skinflint, tightwad, miser, or call it what you will. Most of us simply prefer to spend as little as possible on necessities, while saving to splurge on something fun or necessary. And a good vacation is both!

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The Joys of Camping

Camping is the all-American vacation. Find some beautiful places to camp

Camping is one of the best vacation deals out there, because it’s easy, fun, and tends to be inexpensive. While the teenagers may whine a bit because they can’t use their iPhones, most families get a kick out of roughing it once in a while.

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Camping — Family Fun at a Great Price

Money saving tips for camping fun

Camping is fun. It’s also an economical way to take the family on trips without the high cost of hotels and eating out. But let’s face it. Camping isn’t for everyone. If you’re thinking about getting into camping, for any of these reasons, here are a few tips to get you started and test the waters without spending a fortune.

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5 Money Saving Tips for Rental Cars

Follow these tips to save money on your next rental car

Whether you use rental cars frequently for business or only once a year for vacation, it never hurts to know a few tricks to protect yourself and to get the best deal. Here are three tips that can help you do just that.

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Save Money on Airline Tickets — Fly Standing Up

Would you buy a cheap airline ticket even if you don’t get to sit down

Have you heard? Your next airline ticket could be for standing room only. That is if Michael O’Leary has his way. Mr. O’Leary is coming up with all sorts of clever ideas to offer cheaper air travel. You might like this one — you might not.

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Three Cheap Vacation Ideas

If the current economy has you tightening the ol’ belt on your household budget, here are a few cheap vacation ideas to help you cope.

At first glance, “cheap vacation” may sound like an oxymoron, kind of like “military intelligence” or “jumbo shrimp.” We all know how easy it is to spend money when you’re vacationing, no matter where you go or what you do.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this article, we’ll suggest a few ways you can easily save money on your next vacation.

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All the Details on Buying Your New GPS

How to get the most bang for your buck when buying a GPS navigator

I’ll never forget the day I finally decided to get a car GPS. I figured it would be an easy purchase: take a quick look at the ones on display and snatch up my favorite color. Boy, was I mistaken. It turns out that GPS systems range from $100 to over $2,000, and they all have their own selling points. That begs the question: which system is best for you? What do you really need?

If you’re considering a GPS navigation system for your car, here’s what you need to keep in mind while you’re shopping — and even before!

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Shop Now and Get the Cheapest Airfare for the Holidays

Be ahead of the game and get the cheapest airfare

Yes, it seems way too early to begin worrying about getting the cheapest airfare for your flight home for the holidays. But is it? Isn’t it always best to wait until the last minute and snap up those deals the airlines make to fill the planes? Not this year. Keep reading to find out why.

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